WJ 18-19 A Creative Strategy for Exorbitant Cost of Health Care

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins and her guest Dr. Bill Bronston, MD, ON AIR FROM mAY 8TH

As we move through this mid-life journey all of us are becoming more aware of the cost to live a long life.  At some point, we all hope to make some kind of change in our lifestyle and pursue our other dreams and passions that we may have put off.  Some us may have plans to retire or plans to open a business.  Whatever our plan or desire is, we are also struggling with the idea of the costs of staying well and the reality that being sick in our society cost a lot of money.

Dr. Bill Bronston, MD shares with us an effective and creative way to pay for our medical expenses.  Single Payer, is an idea whose time has come.  Listen in and find out how you can help this affordable way to pay for our medical care as we journey through midlife.


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William Bronston, MD is a healthcare advocate whose dedication to those who need quality and affordable health care for almost 50 years.

Dr. Bronston is a graduate of USC Medical and did his Psychiatry Residency at Menningers School of Psychiatry at Topeka State Hospital. He also did his Internship at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Dr. Bronston’s accomplishments are many.  He has been on the forefront of affordable health care for many years. He was the Medical Director for the Department of Developmental Services and Department of Rehabilitation Services for the state of California.

Dr. Bronston is the Founder and CEO, nonprofits, Tower of Youth and the Digital Arts Studio Partnership in Sacramento Sierra 8 counties to advance youth media arts, 21st Century workforce and teen youth civic engagement (37 consecutive regional and North American youth Film Festivals at Crest Theatre.

Dr. Bronston’s passion is the work he is doing with  Physicians for National Health Program.  He is the Convenor of the CA Capital Chapter.   He is also Contributing author Universal Single Payer CA Prop 186,  1994

Dr. Bronston is in his own words an “uncompromising advocate for universal, rightful, comprehensive health care – SB 562”.



The Wellness Journey Podcast Series –

“Mid-Life Strategy for Full Life Living:”