TSM18-31 Navy SEALs: Target of Opportunity with J.D.Leete

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest J.D.Leete, on air from July 31st

FILMMAKER: J.D. Leete, is the creator of the film Target Of Opportunity and was a Naval Special Warfare Combat crewman (SWCC), the crew that supports Navy SEAL operations.

Target of Opportunity: The US Navy SEALs and the Murder of Jennifer Evans is the mind-bending documentary made by former Navy Chief and SpecWar operator JD Leete. His initial effort as a filmmaker upon retiring from the Navy explores the finer details of this troubling murder case. Leete questions everything that was reported at the time: motive; opportunity; and means of committing the alleged crime of abduction. Were the prosecutors in cahoots with a full-blown psychopath, Billy Brown, to convict Dustin Turner for an abduction that never occurred? Was Brown seeking revenge for what he perceived as breaking some warped code the two young men shared? Leete aims to find out and takes his camera along for the ride. What he finds changed his life and view of the world, as it may yours.

In 1995, Dustin Turner and his best friend Billy Joe Brown were in the final weeks of 15 months of training to become U.S. Navy SEALs. On the night of June 18, they went to a nightclub to celebrate and met a young woman named Jennifer Evans. They were the last two people to see her alive. Through eyewitness reports, evidence and testimony, the truth begins to emerge, or does it?



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June 28 was a day Linda Summitt would like to forget. When that date rolled around, her son, Dustin Turner, had served 8,395 days behind bars for a murder he did not commit.

Mrs. Linda Summitt’s words: “You could say I’ve been through a living hell for 23 years.” If he serves his entire term—basically the rest of his life—he has more than 21,000 days remaining.”

It is particularly painful these days when Mrs. Summitt hears of the various pardons President Trump has announced and others he has publicly contemplated.

She is glad for the pardon of a grandmother who was held in a federal prison for many years, a woman who became involved in a crime to feed her children and keep her house.

In that celebrated case, reality star Kim Kardashian intervened and met with President Trump in the Oval Office. Shortly thereafter, she was pardoned.

The President has pardon power over federal crimes, but so does Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam over state crimes. Turner’s case is due to come before Northam within months.

“I’m not famous. I’ve never appeared on television. However, I would gladly travel from my Indiana home to Richmond, Virginia to plead personally with Gov. Northam for my son’s life.”

Dustin, often called Dusty, has served more than half of his life in prison, though another person has admitted he committed the crime.

Instead of languishing in prison, Turner has used his sentence to help others, creating an environmental program for the prison, and training dogs to help the handicapped. He has been a model prisoner.

This is the story of the one Navy SEAL who was left behind. The story of a young man, an Eagle Scout, a junior church deacon, who in one split second made a bad decision that would haunt him forever.

Mrs. Summitt’s words: “I am not saying Dusty is blameless. He made a mistake, but he has paid for it many times over. He adhered to a SEAL code to stand by his colleague.

Documentary maker J.D. Leete has spent the last 10 years working on and promoting a documentary about the Dustin Turner miscarriage of justice.

“The more people view the film, the better the chance of justice being done,” said Leete.

FILMMAKER AVAILABLE NOW: J.D. Leete, is the creator of the film Target Of Opportunity and was a Naval Special Warfare Combat crewman (SWCC), the crew that supports Navy SEAL operations.

Target Of Opportunity is available NOW on iTunes, Amazon Prime and other digital distribution outlets

The documentary is available on Amazon and on iTunes. It’s called “Target of Opportunity: The Navy SEALS and the Murder of Jennifer Evans”.

WATCH: amazon.com/Navy-SEAL-Murderer-Framed-Opportunity

WEBSITE: www.neargeniusfilms.com

FACEBOOK: .facebook.com/JD-Leete

TWITTER: @neargeniusfilms

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