ECO21-37 Andrew P Michael Is Raising Planetary Consciousness.

ECO Solutions with Sara Troy and her guest Andrew P Michael, on air from September 14th

Raising Consciousness to Heal the Planet and its Inhabitants

‘Soul Pal’ fables from modern-day Aesop, environmentalist Andrew P Michael, teach truths about our environmental crisis and the consciousness needed to resolve it. 

Earth is in peril. Severe droughts parch some areas while torrential rains flood others; gargantuan wildfires consume whole territories while freakish ice storms crash city grids. These and other environmental stresses are flaming human conflict and inflaming our health and the wellbeing of the animal kingdom.

A modern-day Aesop, environmentalist, and attorney Andrew P Michael uses stories and animal characters (Soul Pals) in his new e-book, Arising Soul Pals: Keep Your Eyes on the Rise, to illustrate the environmental and cultural challenges facing Earth and its inhabitants and to posit a solution to those challenges- raising consciousness.

Though the Arising Soul Pal stories are fictional, they are based on facts about nature, animals, people, and culture, providing the backdrop for understanding the environmental and social conditions that are causing our environmental crisis. Readers learn how climate change directly affects the octopus, pelican, hummingbird, elephant, rhino, and hippopotamus and simultaneously raise their consciousness of the attitude needed to prevail over these challenges.  By recognizing the innate but unique heart, intelligence, and courage that each Soul Pal applies to resolve the immediate hurdle threatening them, their family, and friends and practicing what Michaels refers to as Acronym Mantra Power (AMP), readers can “live in higher attitudes on an upward spiral of higher consciousness” and manifest solutions to the existential crisis we all face.  

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Andrew P Michael, environmentalist, attorney, author, and as an environmentalist he has traveled the globe to implement evergreen, regenerative development projects for people, animals, and the environment and an attorney who has specialized in advancing legislation to enhance sustainable personal, community, and global development. Michael is currently Co-Director of Partnerships For Change, a nonprofit implementing international projects to promote compassion, empower women, and abolish cruelty to people, animals, and the environment.

After passing the California state bar and graduating from U.C. Hastings College of the Law, Michael worked with State Senator John Vasconcellos drafting environmental legislation and co-authoring a national proposal to catalyze public-private partnerships to promote community empowerment. Following work in the legislature, Michael directed Partnerships For Change and designed and implemented the Community Summits and Resource Exchange Bank programs to realize greater local self-reliance. He devised plans and identified resources to convert military bases to sustainable and civil uses for the Center for Economic Conversion and coordinated national conferences on the sustainable development of former military bases, featuring a national summit at the Presidio Officers’ Club in 1996 with Mikhail Gorbachev and Oscar Arias as keynote speakers. Michael then served as Vice President of Sustainable Development responsible for the Bay Area Council’s water, energy, and environmental policy work from 1999-2011.  He helped write and pass the country’s most advanced system to address Climate Change.

This year, Michael completed Arising Soul Pals:  Keep Your Eyes on the Rise. Based on global stories sourced from Andrew’s visits to the Indian subcontinent, China, and Africa, Arising Soul Pals is meant to inspire action to halt the deterioration of nature and the environment by raising personal and global consciousness.


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