IG22-51. Deborah Herman, WHAT IS A SOUL ODYSSEY

IGNITE YOUR HEART AND SOUL with Sara Troy and her guest Deborah Levine Herman, on air from December 13th

 Deborah Levine Herman, the bestselling author, publisher, former literary agent, and intuitive writing coach. The 2nd Edition of Spiritual Writing from Inspiration to Publication was released on December 5th. In this interview, she talks about the spiritual writer’s path, along with other topics including animal communication, energy drawings or neuro drawings, and energy balancing (bringing balance to the chakras)

  • What is the spiritual writer’s path, and how is it like one’s own spiritual path?  
  • Balancing the desire to be published with one’s craft 
  • Letting one’s voice emerge 
  • Deborah’s methodology: she cuts the spiritual writer’s learning curve in half  
  • The Seven Lessons of Soul Odyssey – how Deborah’s own calling guides other spiritual writers  
  • Why Deborah’s book can work for any writer, spiritual or otherwise  
  • Animal communication – Deborah can discuss how she does it and how others can connect with their pets 
  • Energy drawings or neuro drawing – she makes beautiful drawings with one line that connects in the form of a mystical mandala  
  • Using energy drawing with meditation 
  • Energy balancing that brings balance to the chakras and the etheric body to release trauma embedded in the soul record 

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Herman says, “I believe we are all here to raise the vibration of others. That’s why I want to guide and encourage spiritual writers to answer their call while teaching them about the craft of writing and how to navigate the path to publishing.” The first edition of the book was published 20 years ago. Today, in a rapidly changing world, spiritual writers often hear a calling stronger than ever before. Deborah Levine Herman calls herself a mystic and explains, “I combine the spiritual journey with the writer’s path. As a mystic I know the act of writing connects people with their higher selves, and therefore it can connect them with the Source.”

Deborah Levine Herman is a bestselling author, publisher, former literary agent, and intuitive writing coach. As a gifted spiritual teacher, an expert at author branding, and someone skilled in navigating the modern publishing world, Herman helps writers discover their spiritual writing path. She is the author of 13 books and has dedicated her 25-plus year career in publishing to writer education. In her latest book, Spiritual Writing from Inspiration to Publication 2nd Edition, she embarks on her own mission as a mystic to combine her spiritual journey with the writer’s path. She is also the CEO of Micro Publishing Media (MPM), a lawyer, journalist, and co-author with Jeff Herman on the industry bible Write the Perfect Book Proposal: Ten Proposals that Sold and Why.  



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