Intuition Mastery Summit

Do you want to overcome struggles, remove blocks, and improve your health and happiness? Imagine creating more success and abundance in your life; Imagine making better decisions and choices; Imagine having more love and happiness; and Imagine this new way of living is available to you right NOW! This wonderful opportunity to live a life … Continue reading Intuition Mastery Summit

Reclaim Your Inner Peace Summit

 Welcome to Reclaim Inner Peace with Shivany Gonell where she has interviewed some top global leaders in their field on how to find that Inner Peace.  IT IS FREE TO  HEAR ANY OF THESE GREAT SPEAKERS JUST OPT IN TO THE  SUMMIT HERE Colin Tipping Born in England in 1941, Colin Tipping was raised during … Continue reading Reclaim Your Inner Peace Summit

“Definitely Yours” European rucksack bags. Radka Šillerová

We all want a bag that can take us anywhere and that is comfy and holds everything, that perfect practical good looking bag, well Radka Šillerová out of Germany has created that bag for you. Radka left Prague, Czech Republic and went to live in Nuremberg Germany to live a new life and was happy for … Continue reading “Definitely Yours” European rucksack bags. Radka Šillerová

Living “In the ZONE” with Bill Maquis

         The Pursuit of Wholeness show presents Bill Macquis and the Mindology  Join Sara Troy with her guest Bill Maquis founder of Living Fractals and discoverer of the Q-Factor and developer of the Q-Factor Mobile App. The Q-Factor Mobile App is an app that you will be able to run on any … Continue reading Living “In the ZONE” with Bill Maquis

“Intuition Mastery” Dr Toni L Rivera

The Pursuit of Wholeness Show featuring Dr Toni Rivera Intuition Mastery is the study of this bridge and how to notice the signals and messages from our soul. These messages are constantly being sent to and received by our body/mind. These messages are waiting to be perceived by the intellectual mind. We can learn to … Continue reading “Intuition Mastery” Dr Toni L Rivera