PVR16/04 Health is your Wealth

Positive Vibrations Roundtable show with Sara Troy  and her guests Suma Nathan and Lynnis Woods-Mullins aired January 26th-February 1st How do you start on the road to health? You hear so many things that are contradictory about what to eat and what not to eat, which drugs to take what and not to take, how … Continue reading PVR16/04 Health is your Wealth

15/14 ” Reducing Trans Fats”

Wise Woman with Suma Nathan aired April 7th/15  Why and How toReducee Trans Fats  with Surprising Facts about all Fats!  and whats the scoop about LDL & HDL in the Bloodsream Is it All Bad! or is it just incorrect information of all these years!!! More on Suma and her many wise shows go to  /wise-health TUNE … Continue reading 15/14 ” Reducing Trans Fats”

00012 “Avoiding Seasonal Allergies”

 "It's Your Health" with Suma Nathan. Aired 11-18-2013  Seasonal allergies are not just in the spring, they can hit you any time, that may not be a cold you have but a winter allergy. "Avoiding Seasonal Allergies" What can you do about them? "Poisons At The Grocery Store: What foods are making you ill. "Beyond … Continue reading 00012 “Avoiding Seasonal Allergies”