14/13 Why Do I Feel So “STUCK?”

ORIGINALLY aired March 31st 2014 on Intuitive Beliefs with Susan Turnbull.     There is a massive shift happening right now in our world. People worldwide are “waking up” in unprecedented numbers. So, what does that mean to “wake up” and what does this have to do with feeling like you have your feet planted in two … Continue reading 14/13 Why Do I Feel So “STUCK?”

14/8 Free Your Mind

Monday Meditations: Create your own mantra meditation to use anytime, anywhere! With a focus on your breath and positive affirmation mantras, you can easily begin a meditation practice to help free your mind. Free Your Mind Wednesday:Free Your Mind with 7 Steps to make confident choices now! some of our hang-ups around our sexuality. Free Your … Continue reading 14/8 Free Your Mind