0015 The psychic love way to heal animals

Originally aired on  07-11-2013 on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy 

11737864_10152934084436003_9156127157130965770_nIntroducing Ming and Candy the animals healers. 

Candy Boroditsky    Reiki Master

Candy Boroditsky has always been in the medical field. First as a physical therapist then head of the volunteer organization at Garfield Medical Center. Her husband is a retired Radiologist. They live in Venice, CA. Between them they have 5 children, 4 grandchildren and a god daughter.

Candy has always loved animals. She loves Boxers! She has a black/white Boxer (came from a puppy mill) and a rescued Boxer named Star.

Ming Chee-Brown  Reiki Master

Ming Chee-Brown has a doctorate in Pharmacy from University of Southern California. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She always been a lover of animals. She grew up with cats and a rabbit as a child. She is married and lives in Venice, CA. She has 3 nephews, 2 of which are twins, a god daughter, a niece and a stepson. She currently has a yellow labrador retriever named Sammy Diva and a pembroke Corgi named Lucy. (Mochi her 15 year old Mainecoon crossed over Dec 31,2009.). She learned Reiki because Sammy Diva was diagnosed with canine hip dysplasia. Reiki has cured her! A way to give back to the animals is truly a blessing.

Why Reiki Fur Babies?

It is now commonly accepted and recognized that the body, mind, and spirit are interconnected; consciousness is not limited by the physical or the subtle bodies; and our galactic environment influences our DNA. Moving beyond the physical opens the door to getting at and resolving the cause, versus simply living the effect.

  • You are getting two healers performing the session, instead of just one! This means exponential energy!
  • Both Candy and Ming are Usui Reiki Masters who also use Archangelic energies with the Reiki & have gifts of their own: They are open to only your fur baby or you during the healing energy session, so they can be fully in tune and completely focused on them.
    • Candy has the ability to hear what your animal is saying, such as last words before they cross over, what is really bothering them…they even sing or talk in different languages to her! Candy also channels a message from Spirit that is exactly what you will need to hear for healing!
    • Ming has the gift of being able to send healing & angels where needed. Animals have named it Warrior Reiki! Ming also forms a very strong bond to everyone she gives healing to. Ming can intuitively hear and see your fur babies as well. Ming also uses Egyptian healing rod- a bio-imprint laser (sword of light) in every session
    • You will get a detailed, written report about the session after the session is complete.No worries if you are not in Los Angeles: We have clients all over the world, Wales, Finland, Luxembourg, Canada,  Ireland, Hong Kong, Dubai, Australia,  England, South Africa and all over the 50 United States!

Archangelic energies -We are assisted or channel  energies (of pure light and Source Connection) that are necessary to bring harmony to each unique situation/client regardless of what they may be called.  In our experience whatever energy needs to flow through does for each fur baby or person.  If people have Masters they work with, those energies flow through!


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The energy is very powerful. –  In the words of Colette Baron Reid: ” The  distance healing was wonderful I felt as if angels flew me over the Himalayas. For the first time in ages, I didn’t grind my teeth and wake up with a sore jaw” Also from Colette, regarding our book :” This is a wonderful book by the ladies from Reiki Fur Babies! I have personally had a session with them and they are credible and wonderful
and effective.”



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