00010 Work, Life, World Balance

Premiering 11-04-2013. “It’s All Business” . In discussion with host Jenny Garrett, Dr Samantha Collins, CEO and Founder tells her all about her entrepreneurial roots and her amazing organization Aspire.

Hear about

  • Why you need a ‘dose of the brave’ in business
  • Why ‘giving back’ should be part of your life portfolio
  • Why collaboration is key

Don’t miss this interview on the Rocking Your Role Show if making a positive impact in the world is important for you.

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You can find out more about Samantha and her work here http://www.aspirewomen.com and here http://www.aspirewomen.co.uk

Airing Monday, repeating Wednesday & Fridays at 2pm PST Canada 10 pm in the UK 



For more on Jenny and her past shows go to /members/jenny-garrett/

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