Fire rising from my soul by Jackie Van Campen

I’m not always able to express with words exactly what my soul desires to express. I get wrapped up in the intensity of what my body is experiencing and I just let the words flow. Then I share those expressions as a way to challenge those reading my words, to confront whatever it is that is struggling to come through their very soul. This poem is about burning my fears to ashes and bringing myself back to wholeness. How do you express your soul’s yearning for freedom?


Fire rising from my soul
Burning through the veils of fear
Bringing to ashes the walls of my confinement
Freeing me from the shackles of suffering

Fire that consumes my past –
That dictates where I should be
Fire that licks and destroys
The anguish within me
Liberating my heart and opening my path

Fire that dances all around me
In perfect rhythm and movement
Hypnotizing my mind and moving my body
In balanced harmony
Arousing the lioness strength
Within my heart

Fire that strengthens my calling
That leads me to my newness
Ignites my passion
And gives rise to the wise woman within – Kahlia

Fire, oh great fire
Of ancient times
Burn my soul
With your powerful flames

I walk through you
United with your light
I emerge on the other side
Skin intact
Heart aflame
Like a torch
That sets fire to fields
Burning down any remaining limitation –
Of beliefs that hold me back

I find in you my gentle voice
And yet, resounding sound
That neither frightens or is meek
It empowers and awakens
That which must crack open
In order to seed and bloom
Cleansing my soul
Purifying my senses
Bringing me to my explosion
Shattering me to pieces
Just to bring me back to my wholeness

Written By Jackie Van Campen host of The Writers Divine Den on PLV-RADIO.COM