If they build it they won’t come.By Sam North

If they build it they won't come. Why would anyone build a high-speed railway for £50 Billion when the unions won't drive it and prospective passengers all work from home now? Everything has changed. HS2 was an idea for the 20th Century, not today it seems. Editorial: What are you afraid of?Ill health? Climate Change? … Continue reading If they build it they won’t come.By Sam North

Collin Jennifer Ruiz Nutritionist

Collin and whole body heart and soul nutrition. Collin Ruiz, MS, a nutrition consultant of Holistic Nutrition. Holistic nutrition encourages consciously eating healthy foods to promote vibrant physical and mental health, while supporting a strong immune system and preventing disease.  Collin’s approach embraces “bio-individuality”- addressing each person’s unique needs with specific and personal nutritional solutions. … Continue reading Collin Jennifer Ruiz Nutritionist

Shows on Mushrooms

Mushrooms offer more than just culinary delights; they have numerous therapeutic properties. These shows explores the diverse healing potentials of various mushrooms, from cognitive health benefits to energy-boosting qualities and to opening up our minds to healing. Dr. Devin holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences, specializing in Nutrition, Herbology and Clinical Nutritional Microscopy. During his … Continue reading Shows on Mushrooms

Victoria Cuore

Supporting the Supporters wishes to spotlight A Contagious Smile organization and the incredible work that they are doing in supporting those who are going through or have gone through domestic abuse. Victoria Cuore, of A Contagious Smile has been supporting families with both special needs as well as survivors of domestic violence for well over 16 years … Continue reading Victoria Cuore

23-31. Living in the Good Vibrations

Sara's View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from August 1st.  The world needs desperately is good vibrations. We are living in a downward spiral and if we do not stop this it will be the end of this planet. We do have the power within us to change, mother earth is pissed at … Continue reading 23-31. Living in the Good Vibrations