P14/24a Tree of Life. Discover and Live Your Life Purpose!

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Dawn Weaver.


Tree of Life Coaching

Creating Conscious Change.

Discover and Live Your Life Purpose!

The Tree of Life Universally symbolizes the positive aspects of life. Its traits as a tree are strength, sturdiness, and continuity. The roots enable it to stand strong, and its upward growth is a symbol of looking at life from a more positive aspect. The Tree of Life represents the various qualities we each hold within us such as beauty, grace, abundance, compassion and wisdom. Each of our lives, just like the Tree of Life, are constantly changing and developing.

Meet Dawn Weaver


When I was a child I was curious about my higher purpose in life and on many occasions asked the question, “Why am I here?” It makes perfect sense looking back that becoming a coach was perfect for me because I have always asked deep and profound questions and my sense of curiosity was at times insatiable! I wanted to understand the real reason for my existence. The answers began coming to me in the shape of desire! I had a burning desire to ease others pain and lift them to a place of joy and hope. As a teen I began reading books to help me understand some of the Universal questions I was seeking and quickly became interested in self-improvement through Spirituality, self-reflection and self-awareness.

When we have hope for positive expectancy our lives are an inspiration just as the tree is vibrant and lush when it is watered and given sunlight and proper nutrients. The Tree of Life teaches us we have within us the ability to make our lives beautiful and abundant. It provides a strong message of optimism.

Begin, for a moment, to view your life in relation to that of a tree. The roots are firmly held in the ground feeding the tree from the Earth all that it needs. When there are proper nutrients from the soil the leaves are green, bear fruit and grow bigger and more sturdy each year. Our human roots are our belief structures and values system. When we are living by our values, following our passions and living our purpose we too are thriving. The leaves of our self are the positive aspects of our character glowing brightly out into the world. Our gifts and talents are given true expression in every area of our life and we are in the divine flow. When our negative and limiting beliefs are feeding our lives it wreaks havoc causing our leaves to wither and our light within to dwindle. This in turn affects how we show up in the world – how our core values don’t get proper priority and our passions and purpose gets thwarted.


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When I envisioned what I most wanted to bring to peoples’ lives it was a vision, ALWAYS, of the Tree of Life. The tree represents, to me, being held in a space of non-judgment, of understanding and a desire to heal the parts that are hurt and bring light to the parts that are in the dark. The way to feel this wholeness is to embrace the wholeness of who you are. This is a journey that begins within. My wish is to share my gifts as a coach to help people create positive growth and change from within and in turn share their gifts with others. This joyful contribution creates a ripple effect that can be far reaching to the welfare and success of others. Isn’t that what life’s all about?

It isn’t possible to create a new reality for yourself with your current belief system so in order to create any change we have to eliminate the programming that is operating in our lives. We are living by chance and not by choice when we live this way. We create something new by chance or luck then have no idea how to re-create it again. When you rid yourself of currently held beliefs and consciously replace them with empowering beliefs that serve your life now along with living by your values and passions you are Creating Conscious Change.

Are you living by choice or by chance?




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