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Let’s put an end to Intellectual Discrimination In Public Education!
If you participated in public education over the last 100 years, you either felt at home in school, or school was a place that made you feel less than intelligent.
Ms. Mollan-Masters’ innovative book and online Journey, You Are Smarter Than You Think, uses the latest in online technology to help individuals uncover their natural intelligence so that their true “smarts” will emerge in any situation – and that nagging little doubt, I am not very smart, will disappear.                                                                                                                                                            CLICK ON BOOK TO BUY
Thanks to their educational journey, thousands upon thousands of people are walking around this world with this hidden belief nagging them saying, “You are not very smart”. How do you think that impacts their lives? Isn’t it possible that these people, brilliant in their own right—not knowing this– are playing way be-low their potential? Don’t you also think that the way they feel about themselves is unthinkable and tragic? Let’s open the door to their minds and let the light in. The past is over.
Our research over the last 25 years has shown that this intellectual discrimination happens not because of the lack of intelligence or poor teaching, it happens because brains are more different that of fingerprints. Teachers don’t know how to deal with this fact and so they opt for what is comfortable to them. As a result, even when a teacher teaches very well more than half of their students will have difficulty receiving and remembering the information being presented.
Students, frustrated by their lack of success, become discouraged and just find a way to “get by”. They may get a diploma but they are forever left with the feeling that they are not really very smart, and this iintellectualdiscrimination leaves them with—well you know what it leaves them with . . .
You Are Smarter Than You Think!

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About Renée Mollan-Masters, M.A.
Renee Graduated with both her under graduate and graduate degree in Speech Pathology from California State University, Fullerton. She was voted most out-standing senior clinician by the facility.
She worked as a speech pathologist in the Fountain Valley School District and in her own private practice for 10 years. During this time she created with other teachers a reading remediation program which was later used statewide.
While teaching a College Success Class at Orange Coast College in Southern California she developed the You Are Smarter Than You Think program.
In 1997 the first edition of the You Are Smarter Than You Think book was pub-lished. At that time she was also invited to present this new idea at the Na-tional League of Nurses National Convention.
The Second edition of the book was published in 1992. For 10 years during the 90’s she surveyed nursing students all over the country. Due to the suc-cess of that work in 2011-2012 a legitimate study was conducted at the Uni-versity of Minnesota.
In 2013 as a result of this study and in addition requests from nursing facility and online program was developed.
2014 the completion of the online version of the book You Are Smarter Than You Think titled The Journey.


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How Does  You Are Smarter Than You Think System Work?

The You Are Smarter Than You Think system gives the participant two self-evaluations. The first is based on Dr. Gardner’s 7 brain talents. The second evaluation is based on language processing abilities. This is where Ms. Mollan-Masters, M.A.’s program is different. She shows the participant how to transform any situation into something that works for them. So the participant learns how to use their brain talents when listening to a lecture, reading a text-book, studying for a test and taking a test. This skill allows the learning to transform any learning situation into something that work perfectly for them. And if you don’t want to just read about it and want to do it, the new Journey will accommodate. (Take a free visit inside our Journey go to:

You Are Smarter Than You Think!

Renée Mollan-Masters, MA

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