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Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Susan Allison. Aired September 2nd/14 

                                     “Our Spirits Dance”

                               By Susan Allison and Thomas Hickenbottom

                For Soul-Mated Poets, Love Continues …Even After Death

 Their Paired Poetry Offers Hope for Those Still Longing For Deep, Enduring Love

Susan Allison –you may know her as the highly successful author of Conscious Divorce and Empowered Healer– never believed in love at first sight-until it happened to her.susantomThen on a full-moon night in June 1994, she met Thomas Hickenbottom–already the author of five books of poetry, and eventually, the award winning novel Local Tribes and a history of surfing in Santa Cruz–at a writer’s group, and had tea with him afterwards. Then the magic began. Star-struck, they each went home, stayed up all night and wrote full-moon poems to share at the next group. Their poems had the same title and similar message!They continued to write love poems through three separations caused by fear over the intensity of their feelings, and wrote poetry to celebrate their wedding at the summer solstice in Santa Cruz, California. They celebrated their love with three re-commitment ceremonies and kept writing poems to each other during their blissful 17-year marriage as true Soul Mates. Susan even wrote poignant poetry about her husband’s cancer and eventual death in August of 2013. In the darkest times, their love continued to light the way.Before Thomas’ transition, he and Susan agreed they would tell their story through their love poems as an inspiration for others longing for the same kind of deep, enduring love. They wanted their poetry and their love to show that finding one’s Soul Mate IS possible. They wanted to model for readers how to live and love in a soul-mated union by creating a dialogue, with a poem of Thomas’ and one of Susan’s facing each other like love letters being exchanged. Read in order, their poetry tells the story of their love over nineteen years.The newly published book, Our Spirits Dance by Susan Allison and Thomas Hickenbottom, illustrates the importance of having faith, and being tenacious and committed–inspiring readers to have the courage to keep their hearts open and love more deeply no matter what. Our Spirits Dance encourages readers to work on themselves first and become the highest and best they can be, and then attract another whole person who is living his or her purpose; so as two lights they attract one another in an evolved, higher frequency of consciousness.spitisIn Our Spirits Dance, readers can experience what soul mates love feels like, and what the signs are that say it is a soul connected or twin flame union: often love at first sight, a recognition or familiarity right away, clairvoyance with one another, intense spiritual and sexual energy, feeling this powerful energy and emerging even when apart, challenges that test the union, but actually strengthen it rather than sever it, and the continued merging of souls even after death.Says Susan: “Our poems express the otherworldly quality of our union, and also the physical connection that immediately felt familiar. Before meeting Thomas, I was a very intellectual and linear person who saw life in black and white. I lived a practical and efficient life that made sense but was devoid of deep passion and joy. I don’t think I even knew that any other life existed, that any other relationship existed except a very rational partnership. I was in for an awakening that shook my logical foundation to its core, and changed and enriched my life forever.”And the connection between Susan and Thomas is still strong, as she shares in the book’s preface: “And my soul mate waits for me. Now that Thomas is a spirit without a body, we are still in contact, and this doesn’t surprise me. For months after his death I felt ecstatic energy pulsing in my body, and believe he joined his spirit with mine. Even now when I read his poetry, listen to certain songs, talk about him or look at photos, I feel the intense energy pulsing from my lower chakras, then rising up and out the top of my head.” Her final poem, “Immortal” describes how she can visit Thomas in a level of heaven and continue their beautiful union, even after his physical death.Delightful, beautiful, soaring, powerful, and poignant–Our Spirits Dance is all of these. On the one-year anniversary of Thomas’ transition, Susan celebrates all Soul Mate unions by allowing readers to feel what this kind of love is like and that it is possible for all of us. She and Thomas prove it’s not just a fairytale.


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I was struck by the undying energy of true love, it gives me hope and shows me that when we come together in partnership we must celebrate each others love in any way we can each day so it always has an abundant flame.

Producer Sara Troy 

Susan Allison



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The Way Shining down the darkness in the middle of The Way; I see the moon within your breath in all you do and say, hear the words you do not speak, since what’s left unsaid, feel the feelings in your heart, think what’s in your head.I don’t know where it’s going this friendship begun tonight, but I know with all my being

it’s everything that’s right.

Susan Allison

from Will You Marry Me, When I think of Love, really deep Love Your spirit Orchestrates Uncharted mystical melodies for Me

As you sleep, your loving spirit

Rises like a flame burning

Rises and dances with my spirit

You are always a part of me

My spirit is always with you

Everywhere, all of the time, beyond time and space

   —Thomas Hickenbottom