P14/37a Awaken to Who You Are.

 Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest David Adelson aired September 16th

Mothers-Blessings_1webHaving limited perception you pass judgement on each situation above. God, Who sees the whole thing —past, present and future—doesn’t.

Isn’t that interesting?

So it is your judgement, your interpretation that defines the above scenarios as good or bad. This brings up a very useful point: every
experience you have can be summed up this way:

” —excerpt from ”Awaken To Who You Are”

David says “When we talk of Mother Divine” Divine Mother, we are speaking of that Divine Intelligence, that Divine Heart that nourishes the entire creation as the Divine Creatrix of all that is, was, and will be. The “Mother of All” who Nourishes, Adores and Loves all Her children unconditionally. From our perspective, there may be “good” beings and “bad” beings, but from Her perspective, all are Her children are worthy of love. That said, at different times, different types of beings have more or less influence. Right now, in the world, we are moving from a time where ignorance and suffering have dominated to a time of love, peace, and “Heaven on Earth.” So it’s a changing-of-the-guard that is happening.”

We will be talking about our inner light, choices, global awakening and our Divine Mother and David’s book “Awaken to Who You Are”

"One of David's most insightful and compelling videos to date, A must-see."

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The Miracle of Pain, Suffering and Ignorance
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Here’s some amazing new Knowledge to gain Enlightenment/ Joy/ Freedom: Guided by Divine Mother, we created this video to actually remove the blocks within you preventing bliss and Wholeness from dominating in your awareness.
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David_aug_2014 headDavid Adelson MA, developer of over 200 Divinely-Guided healing products, courses, DVD programs, and programs, and author of “Awaken To Who You Are,” spent 40 years exploring & studying the Divine, how Nature works, where it comes from and how to connect to that. As my spiritual progress grew,experiences I’d been having since birth expanded and I woke up to a special connection to Divine Mother, who has Guided me for several decades now. Under the direction of that Divine Intelligence, I created powerful programs connecting individuals and businesses to wholeness, Divine Love and its Divine source. I’ve worked successfully with others one-on-one and with groups, clearing and guiding businesses with hundreds of employees in 22 offices, even in stadiums! I’ve been very fortunate with these programs; they have been used successfully in more than 15 countries and 28 states in the U.S.. In addition to my private consultations (appointments), I teach spiritual healing, give private Divine courses such as the Deepen Experiences program and Your Divine Name. That Guidance produced powerful photography and art that balance, restore, and awaken within and around you whether you look at them or not. Powerful silent DVD’s & CD’s programmed with the frequencies of love, health, wealth, spirituality, happiness, bliss, and all the most desired qualities can be played anytime, anywhere. I am humbled to have had the joy of following Divine Guidance in their creation. Every one of our products and services are powerful and connect you to the Divine Source within us all. Many are free. Our most powerful programs are the Self-Referral DVD programs, the Most Powerful Prayer DVD, which gives you a direct connection to God, and our Smooth Transition Systems, which create the atmosphere of Divine Blessings and Light within and around you for hundreds of miles.


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