S15/09 Why Give Back to Society ?

Airing from March 2nd on Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and Bill Mackie

Living Orchard 600x600Why do we give back? why do we care about other people? why do we need foundations, humanitarians charities-etc? Because if we don’t invest in the people we as a people are lost.

PLV Radio is the voice for “Living Orchard” and “Living Fractals”. We believe in giving a voice to those who have embraced their purpose and believe in Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality for all.

The “Living Orchard”

The purpose and meaning of the Living Orchard is to invest in the people:

We have placed on this planet with one soul purpose: To ensure and protect everyone’s basic human right to live life with “Purpose, Meaning and Dignity” . The only way we are going to accomplish this is to live life by building a new world around us where everyone has “Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality

This is our purpose and one that is near and dear to our hearts and souls. Bill Mackie and I have journeyed long together with this one vision, to liberate people into living in their true purpose, in dignity, meaning and love, thus being a person who in their own abundance wholeness units with their community.

I believe in living in your D.I.V.A:  A D.I.V.A is a Dreamer who Inspires Vision into Aspirations

You can not embrace your D.I.V.A until you have embraced your L.I.F.E.


What does your L.I.F.E stand for and in what way are you giving back to humanity?

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