P14/49a The Gift of Mental Challenges

Originally Aired in December on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Bill Macquis.

Mental Challenges are Human Evolution of Today’s Mind

557972_349466548437576_182551525129080_1030404_1501677869_nMental challengers, why do we define them, understand  them, communicate with them and do we really know what these mental challenges mean?

O.C.D Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. A.D.D. Attention Deficit Disorder. A.D.H.D. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Bio Polar. Sphistafrania, Depression. Anxiety. Autism.

Today we see more and more people with mental challenges, but this does not mean the are disabilities. When we choose to look at these challenges as gifts and choose to communicate on their level we understand the gifts that they bring to us.

Look at our children and how the learning skills have evolved, when we were young we did not compute half of what they are able to take in today. So why do we judge, ignore feel sorry for those who have a mental challenge today? If we choose to learn FROM THEM, to communicate and help them in their spectrum we open our minds, hearts and souls to their perspectives and gifted way of thinking of a different mind.

BILL-238x300How do we recognize when help is needed?

What are the triggers of distressful minds?

What can we do to redirect that stress?

How do we embrace the gifted mind?

Bill Maquis

Who has O.C.P.

OBSESSIVE Compulsive Phenomenon knows the struggles of mental challenges.

”I am a simple man, living a humble life who seeks only to live life with purpose, meaning, and dignity. I live my life by the graces granted to me by my God in order to follow the path in life that has been laid before me to follow.”

You are walking along the street, and you see off in the near distance a scruffy looking man with a full grown graying beard and longish scraggly Afro looking blond hair, dressed in jeans and a tee shirt walking staggeringly toward you wearing untied shoes.  As you draw nearer to each other, the man raises his head with a smile on his face and politely say’s what a beautiful day it is and proceeds to ask how you are doing today”.

For those very rare people who upon that chance first encounter with Bill, stop and immediately inquire to see if he is in need of any assistance as soon as they see him, to which Bill raises his head and in response says that he is OK which he then follows up with in a joking manner that he is out for his daily training run for the upcoming Olympics and that he wants to one day try out to become a member of the “Special Olympics Archery Team” and while saying this he raise his trembling arms in jest. With that everyone usually breaks out in laughter which leads to further questions to learn about Bill’s challenges. Unbeknownst to them they have inadvertently opened Bill’s “Pandora’s Box” and soon find themselves deeply engrossed in conversation with Bill. A conversion filled with mystery and intrigue lasting for several hours. One the first things people often discover about Bill is that he lives each day having to face dealing with multiple physical, neurological and behavioural challenges. Bill then goes on to explain that these are mere “Gifts” that have been bestowed upon him and expresses how much he cherishes and gives thanks for being bestowed them in that because of the special gifts he has been able to grow into the man he has become.


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Founder, Inventor, Creator, Business Developer, Discoverer, my business partner, Bill is currently developing a Q’Factor that helps us to understand our thought process.


Bill is also a co host on Wise Health with Suma Nathan.wise-health 

Business site mindologyunlimited.com

Bill Macquis bill.macquis@outlook.com


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