Cowichan Valley Artist Offers Pope Francis an Art Piece for the Vatican 

John Hood artist tree educator and garden guru has given us a piece of art for the soul


Duncan BC Canada – An artist located in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island is hoping to offer Pope Francis a unique art piece to hang in the Vatican. John Hood, a gifted artist  now has the challenge of contacting the Pope through the Vatican to offer his detailed depiction of Christ.

“I found out at an early age (6), that I could draw and I never took a class in my life on how to draw, nor did I take art in school” comments John when asked about his background. Starting with HB pencil drawings, John moved to different types of pencils, oils, ink and now into a pigment pen.

“Most of my art I call Mindscapes because they are challenging to draw. When I work my pieces, I have them on my mind all the time and some of my best ideas come while sleeping. I have been told that the depiction I have used has never been seen before, and others have said it is similar to an artist from the 1500’s.”

Every year John Hood blesses various Faith Families around the world with a gift of his depiction of Christ. In turn many faith leaders and art critics have responded with expressions of gratitude.  They have also declared his art worthy of bringing to the attention of Pope Francis and the Vatican. Thus John is beginning an artistic pilgrimage nurturing the hope that a divine intervention will one day see his depiction of Christ gracing the revered corridors of the Vatican.

John continues to work on various additional art pieces including personal journey pieces, world issue and mental health. A very down to earth person of faith, John volunteers to maintain and teach school children on heritage apples at the orchard at the BC Forest Discovery Centre in his community -30-

To hear my radio interview with him go here artist-philosopher-leaf-whisperer-dad-husband-orchardist-and-educator/

BC Anglican Bishop Logan McMenamie, Victoria BC

“stunning, very nice work, my wife loves it”

Mary Stewart, President of Mary Stewart Healthcare Inc.

” I love your piece, outstanding job. You are filled by the Holy Spirit, God Bless you.”

Leszek Barowucz, Independant Fine Art Professional, Poland

” highly labor intensive – You have immortalized him”

Gerrit Verstraete, Canadian Arts Masters Society

“impressive fine detailed work”

Erasmo Signore, Silvermine Art School, Realist Artist, New York City Area

“God has spoken to you, God has spoken to you”

Dr. Rajinder Singh Bedi, MA.  JD., UNSD., LLM, PHD, CEO Rajtech

” man had never seen The Christ depicted like this”

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