Living in Good Vibrations

Positive Vibrations

by Sara Troy


The world needs desperately good vibrations. We are living in a down ward spiral and if we do not stop this it will continue till the end of this planet. We do have the power within us to change, mother earth is pissed at us, but all life is energy and if we can elevate our own energy then we may just be able to aid this poor planet into staying around for us.

As Carol King said, “We have to get up every morning with a smile our FACES AND SHOW THE WORLD ALL THE LOVE IN OUR HEARTS“. We must stay upbeat no matter how beaten down we feel. We must give a dam and not relinquish to some one else. We must believe in some thing greater than our selves and we must come together as a community a village and help each other out and not turn away. A problem shared is a problem solved; it is time to get back to the sharing of pain, hope, love, life, planet and populations. For if we do not then we will pay the price with our lives.
No matter what is going on in our life good or bad, make an effort each day to be kind, caring and considerate to some else. When we take the time to value some else it reflects back on us with an elevation of good vibrations. If we all make the effort each and every day and add to it every day, this good vibe will flow into the air and be contagious lifting other peoples spirit and igniting them to follow and create the good vibrations them selves.
Turn of the news (especially CNN) reach out to those that need us, start with your loved ones, a smile instead of a scowl, an acknowledgment of some thing great they have done instead of a reprimand, a reason for them to pass a good feeling forward a proud smile goes a very long way.
We can make a difference; it is a CHOICE then an action on that choice. Don’t be a part of the problem but look to be a part of the solution. Don’t feed the pain but fuel solution. We can take back our lives our planet and our positive way of living, just DO NOT ACEPT THE NEGATIVE, JUST DON’T LET IT IN.
Sing it out loud, say it clearly, speak to your heart and soul and believe in some thing greater than your self and ask the Gods for guidance to a more harmonious way of living. Send out the good vibrations and make this world into a better place to live in, for it is all we have we are all we have so lets be kinder to ourselves and eachother.