Happening All at Once.

You can go for days weeks, months, and even years and nothing happens and then all of a sudden it happens all at once. Opportunity comes knocking and you have to get into action fast.

downloadWell this is happening to me, for the last three and half years I have been building my presence on radio blogging bring you people of wisdom, love, spirit, business, politics, divine knowledge and with those with wonderful tools and services to help us grow on our own journey of life.

First year I was with another network learning my trade, now for over two and half years with my own network and with over 1300 collective hosts’ shows, I truly can say we built this network one show at a time. So many inspiring people making life choices that not only serving themselves in living a better life  but also in serving mankind, what an honour, what an inspiring journey to take, what a fabulous career.

So the next phase that just happened because of a conversation with another radio host and “Women Wellness over 40 and Beyond E. Magazine” owner Lynnis Woods-Mullins, which led to a joint venture that just made sense and gives these all these incredible people to do both interviews creating even more coverage and more opportunities to reach out to help even more people, WOW! Why not, so we have done it.

The Christmas magazine issue will be out in December, but we are now booking for the January issue, we are introducing this concept of a written article in the magazine, a radio interview, and an advertisement with video options at a very low cost. You get 3-4 times more coverage, speaking to those eager and ready to read, listen, view and buy ones product/service all in one stop shopping, how easy is that!


I did not know which direction I was going in, I knew I wanted to expand with hosts into the UK, Australia, and also invite a younger generation like Millennials and the Generation X to have a voice too. I know speaking engagements are coming up and travel next year to the UK and who knows where, but I love it when the universe says, WAIT I HAVE SOME THING FOR YOU and now you’re traveling another road of creative opportunity which is exciting and engaging and so very marketable.

We can put out our desires, our wishes, our vision of our dreams, but we have to be open to how and in what package it will come, for that we have no control over nor are we meant to. Life is exciting and I am open to receive all and in every positive way growth and liberation of mind body spirit and soul so we can all together bring joy, purpose, and meaningful peace to this planet and to our hungry souls.

Come see what it is all about and see if it is of interest to you and or your organization, we do have organization packages. Life is good and possibilities happen when we embrace opportunities.

Sara Troy

Producer/Host of Self Discovery Radio.