Perspectives so far on 2016

imagesTake a good look at your year so far, are you walking forward in that enthusiasm you embraced the new year in? Are you still as stoked to make this year all it can be? It is so easy to get caught up in a situation of daily life and spring back into to old habits. Make sure you are walking a new path of meaningful purpose and that you are engaged with the process, for that is what gets you places, that is what has you reaching said desires.

Intent is great but action is even better even if you have to side step, do the gig or leap, make sure you’re always moving forward in the right direction   towards your desires.

A good way to remind your self is this, do you feel different? Are you feeling safe? For that means you’re not stretching your self, are you unsure of what tomorrow will ring? Good for that means your stepping on a new path. Do not be afraid of he unknown for that is where discovery is made, of self, of life and of all the possibilities that await you.

So be in check, ask your self, it this the same as yesterday or do I feel a new day coming on filled with opportunities and adventure? For if you answer yes, you are on the right path, just keep on walking.

Sara Troy

Producer/Host of Self Discovery Radio