Cool Brexitania? by Sam Hawksmoor


If only separation could be painless and didn’t cause so much anxiety.  The moment Boris Johnson, erstwhile Mayor of London, and not so secret coveter of the post of Prime Minister, threw his hat into the ring for the ‘Outs’ it was game on.  The pound is plummeting and one can only hope that all those who clamor for the exit from Europe don’t want to go abroad in the next few months, because it will be a painful experience buying anything with these shrunken pounds. Might as well rename the pound the Zika.

We are hoisted by our petard as they say (ok no one says that anymore).  The market has already spoken.  Shares down, pound down and it’s all about risk.  The UK outside Europe will be a puny thing as one company after another departs to trade with 500 million rather than our 65 million (and avoid the inevitable tariffs).  Banks, Ryanair, widget makers, they will all drift away and every year onwards we will stand prouder, but poorer, relishing our island status, but unable to keep the lights on at night.  Meanwhile if we want to sell anything at all to Europe we will still have to abide by all their directives and rules and negotiate separately with 27 nations to sell there.  This could take years.  Ask Canada about that.

Boris Johnson will happily lead us over a cliff, all for his personal glory, as he hopes to replace Cameron.  Of course he stands the great risk of being replaced rapidly in turn by a Podemos style Labour party newly enthused about Trotsky and Marx seeking to impose Zimbabwean economic ruination on the UK.  Our future in the UK looks bleak indeed.

I would like to think none of this will ever happen, but almost everyone I know and meet is all set to vote out like the little Englanders they are.  I seem to be one of the few shouting ‘fire’ in a burning forest.

Sure Europe is being swamped by economic migrants, absolutely it is choked by pointless regulations and unelected officials who squander our money with no accountability and lack any vision; but it’s a dynamic trading zone with 500 million people, all of whom could quite happily live without us given the chance (until that day Putin comes to call with his tanks of course).  Sadly a Corbyn administration will have melted down all the tanks and decommissioned any lethal weapons (except the tasers they’ll need for crowd control).

Then think of all the Brits who live in France and Spain; at least two million of them, of which a half own property there.  Are they safe?  If you vote ‘Out’ will they have access to medical services there in Europe?  Do they still have rights?  Or do they all come home and crush the already overworked NHS and need emergency housing? Should they apply for European citizenship right now whilst they still can?  Will they even get it?

What about the migrants from Europe already here?  Some of the people ready to vote ‘Out’ are looking forward to them all leaving.  So say goodbye to your doctor, nurses, plumbers, electricians, and plant pickers, because if you think English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish skilled professionals will suddenly appear to fill those jobs, forget it.  Our economy is flourishing because those migrants are here and creating wealth and paying taxes.  Who will pay those taxes when they leave?  Where are the skilled Brits? I haven’t seen a native English doctor in thirty years.  There are severe restrictions of the number of doctors, nurses and other professionals who can be trained each year.  It’s called professional restricted practice to enhance their pay.

There is no Cool Brexitania.  It will be a cold harsh life on our own with interest rates ever rising to defend a falling pound, lots of mortgage pain, a housing bubble crash and huge dole queues, not to mentions cuts in pensions and benefits.  No rosy scenario.  Think it won’t happen.  Ask yourself who owns the water in your tap? Who owns the electricity? Who owns gas?  It’s not us.  Who own the car plants?  Railroads? It’s not us.  Who pays the salaries?  It’s not us.  Will they continue to invest here for ever diminishing returns?

We haven’t controlled our destiny in years and a vote out will only accelerate the process.  Being an island went out of fashion thirty years ago.   If you buy the ‘Out’ ticket you’re taking the country down with you and crowning King Boris on the dungheap.

More to come, but enjoy this month’s Hackwriters.  There’s more to come as we go forward.

By Sam North/Hawksmoor  Our 17th year on-line – 2016’s pen name/books

© Sam North – Joint Editor March 2016
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