Our Wealth is in Our Global Community

We won’t find wealth until we see the wealth in unity in our community, for that wealth of knowledge, care and collaboration are what builds a community to enrichment and love.


We do not have dollar signs above our heads, we are not for sale, we are not a commodity.

Our wealth currency is in our actions, in our participation, in our kindness in who we are in our contribution.

Our wealth is in our self-respect and in the respect of others.

Our wealth is in our journeys, in our pain, in our sorrow in our triumphs.

Our wealth is in our courage in our strength, in our ability to face anything and still thrive.

Our wealth is in how we treat others, in our kindness towards them, our caringness of those in need, our help to anyone who asks, our ability to share love freely.

Our wealth is in how we speak to each other, to our selves, to the world.

Our wealth is in our giving, sharing, teaching, caring, learning, loving without an agenda.

Our wealth is in our embracement of diversity, our celebration of cultures, of faiths, of colour, of gender, of perspectives.

Our wealth is in UNITY, in coming together to build, to care, to heal, to support, to guide to love one another to enrich our world as a family of one.

Our wealth is in each others knowledge, in the knowingness, in the divine truth that is within us all.

Our wealth is in our health, our thoughts, our words, our actions our interactions and our intent.

Let our wealth grow, let us enrich each other, let us celebrate our differences, learn from them, open our minds, care for who we are, who we wish to be, who we are meant to be.

Let us feed the possibilities create the opportunities, seed the tomorrows and water them with love.


Let us look to what can be as a collective of nations, what we can make together, what seeds can grow with our collective love, and how in unity, community, as individuals we can, because we choose to make this a world that flourishes for all that inhabit it, for all who contributes to it, for all who choose to believe in this abundant wealthy world of today and our tomorrows.

By Sara Troy 

of Self Discovery Media