C16/22b ‘Reset Your Vibe” in living a better life.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Colleen Wynia aired May 31

Reset Your Vibe Discovery Talk Radio show with Sara Troy - May 31 2016 (4)

Reset your vibe to live in those Good Vibrations of life.

How to Raise and Reset Your Vibration to attract Vibrant Health, Love and Money is an essential soul teaching.

What you think and how you feel on a daily basis is THE MOST important thing. The positive energy behind your thoughts and behind your feelings influences all of your Creations.

If you want to make a change in your life, in your business, in your relationships, and improve your health to live a long Vibrant and Joyful life, you must start within. You must learn how to raise and reset your vibration so that you become a powerhouse and magnetic “attractor” for all you desire in life.

Colleen will address the importance behind this and offers tips and solutions for raising your vibration to attract your dreams and goals in faster.

Colleen will share how her loss of many loved ones through death triggered her inner journey to heal her own heart’s pain through uncovering and transforming limiting beliefs and ancient stories she repeated told herself at the sub-conscious level that was dictating her life and causing more pain, addictions, unhealthy relationships, depression, and more.

By first seeking help to unravel and heal her own pain, she moved through her personal layers into expanded areas of consciousness, more joyful experiences, and an ability to serve and help others through their pain.

Colleen is a Vibrational Success Coach in North Vancouver, British Columbia who is passionate about learning, living and teaching the fundamental principles of Quantum Physics and its relation to the Universal Laws of Attraction.  Colleen coined the term Quantum Energy Awareness (QEA).

Drawing from her personal tragedies losing many loved ones through illness, addictions and suicide, coupled with her own addictions, near death experiences, disabling health injuries, financial bankruptcy, relationship heartbreaks and more, Colleen combines 20 years expertise as a transformational coach, grief & loss counselor, medium & spiritual advisor, bodywork practitioner and nutrition & wellness coach, to bring heart-centered solutions to help “Reset Your Vibe” for a Healthier, Happier you!


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All of our shows/interviews are done by donation, if you enjoyed this show please support us here.

4 thoughts on “C16/22b ‘Reset Your Vibe” in living a better life.

  1. Colleen, can you please call me Lee 305-283-5800 set up a free appointment, as I want you to raise my energy and vibrations to God levels within me; and help me get married in ” true love, God’ s love ” to female wrestler Taeler Hendrix now!!!!!!!! Also, help me get 400m as I own minerals worth 400m in Weston County WY ; and I want to give this 400m to Taeler immediately!!!!!!!! I am trying to work a deal with a loan company now who is interested in giving me a 35m loan for my minerals.

    • Thank you again for your continued interest Lee, and desired support to achieve your dreams. I already see in you God’s loving vibration and your ability to live in joy and abundance is already within you. We have discussed already and I know the “right” healer for you is coming in.

    • Colleen. please call me up, tell me what time, so you can help me achieve all my goals which are: true love, God’ s love in marriage , making billions as I own minerals in Wyoming to make this money, getting legal and divine justice for all the crimes committed against me, finally getting into a God state of being: physically, mentally, spirituality, financially, with your help in turning on my vibrations, energies now!!!!!!!! In God’ s love Lee.

    • Lee, our journey is up to us, people like Colleen can guide you, inspire you, but in the end, we have to walk the path on our own journey. Not everyone is a match or can help us in our time of need, that is our challenge to face, but with over 1500 shows here, I am sure someone will inspire you to find your direction and with courage, knowledge and strength the ability to walk it.

      Good luck and keep believing you can.

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