TSM16/25 Home Cures for Living a Healthy Life

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest John Osborne airs June 21st -27th


All the opinions on this show are John and Sara personal perspectives and free speech.
“John Osborne is a self taught Naturopath. He was obliged to find out for himself, as being an engineer by trade, he wanted to look at all the causes and cures of bodily health problems rather than concentrate on just one line of remedy. Homoeopathy, herbology, phytology are fine in their way but do not embrace sufficient cures or treatments to cover the severe illness such as Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Disease, Stress, Arthritis, Cancer and all the other supposedly “incurable” problems. He saw that the medical industry concentrates on drugs rather than on cures; this resulted in over 50 years of in depth study and research which has led to him now working with the world’s leading authorities on the natural ways to cure most of the “incurable diseases” that are the money making golden egg of the medical industry.


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Now an independent Consultant, John offers advice on many bodily health problems. He is not a doctor, so he does not diagnose, but is able offer succour and advice to those whose needs are not met by the chemical solutions. He is also very aware of the natural health market being swamped by “get rich quick”, heavily promoted mostly useless products that detract from the true path to wellness.”

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I Sara Troy   host have been using the Curcumin99 and the Serrapeptase for the last few weeks with great results.

I am sleeping better, I am not in so much pain, I am calmer, my stomach is healthier, and over all I see a much improvement in my health.