True Colours and Elements with Sara Troy

TRUE Colours Character Descriptions


OUR TRUE COLOURS represents in how we interact and receive information, knowing your colour can help you build a more cohesive dialogue with everyone you meet. Do you know your colours? You can discover your colour here.

What are the colour personality types?


Enthusiastic, Sympathetic, Personal,

Warm, Communicative, Compassionate

Idealistic, Spiritual, Sincere

Peaceful, Flexible, Imaginative

Dreamers have the ability to see the whole picture and imagine it in all its possibilities. They are filled with hope and are very sensitive people who care and are driven by compassion.


Witty, Charming, Spontaneous

Impulsive, Generous, Impactful.

Optimistic, Eager, Bold.

Physical, Immediate, Fraternal.

They inspire others to see the dream and show people how they can be a part of it. They have the gift of storytelling and making every feel it is possible.  They love action and want it now.


Analytical, Global, Conceptual.

Cool, Calm, Collected.

Inventive, Logical, Perfectionist.

Abstract, Hypothetical, Investigative.

Visionaries are the blue printers, they can see the dream the vision and put it into a plan. The ability to see tiny details and the workings of what is possible gives them the ability to lay out a plan for others to follow.  They deal in facts and like the detail in everything they do.


Loyal. Dependable, Prepared.

Thorough, Sensible, Punctual.

Faithful, Stable, Organized.

Caring, Concerned, Concrete.

Actualizes are the builders who follow the blueprint, give them the plan the tools and they can give you the dream in solid form. They are to doers but like order and structure and can only see it if there is a plan to follow.

Astrology Mapping

Maps each astrological grouping to the colour that you feel is most representative.

  1. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius map to which color above?
  2. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn map to which color above?
  3. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius map to which color above?
  4. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces map to which color above?

Element Mapping

For each of the elemental descriptions below indicate which colour you feel most represents the colour description.


The element of Earth represents our Mother, the planet Earth itself. It represents the body and solidness. It represents permanence, stability, and security. All the things of Earth are things you can see and hold. If Earth is Matter, it’s also the Mother. It represents nourishment on all levels.

So Earth encompasses the soil which nourishes the plants and the insects and worms that process the decayed matter in the Earth to turn it into food. It represents the plants and all creatures that eat the plants. So it represents all the animals that run on four legs …or two…or many…

While all of the elements offer their own types of healing, Earth is the element that rules the healing of our bodies. It is the element of the plants…so the healing herbs… although each herb will have a unique balance of the elements within it. It is the element of the crystals, used for healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Earth maps to which colour above?


The element of Air is associated with the East in the Northern Hemisphere. This is where the Sun rises, so this thinnest and most ethereal of the elements is associated with Sunrise…and new beginnings. It is associated with springtime and the wonder and curiosity of childhood.

The element of Air is, associated with the sense of smell. While there are scents we associate with each of the elements, the scents of spring flowers come to mind. And the scents we use for cleaning the air…lavender, lemongrass, and pine. Incense is the magical tool of the East and the Air.

The element of Air is also associated with music as sound is transmitted through airwaves. But Air provides the songs of the wind rustling in the trees. The realm of Air is the mind and mental activity. Air rules the ideas that come “out of the blue.” It offers the gift of clarity…the ability to perceive what is relevant and useful in a given situation. It rules the process of synthesizing ideas and concepts from many different sources or disciplines into something that is cohesive and comprehensive. It rules the communication of these ideas… writing and verbal expression. It rules teaching and poetry.

Air maps to which colour above?


Water…it has so many moods. One can picture the deep swelling power of the ocean or the tiny lines made by raindrops on a window. Water is the crystal clarity of a mountain stream or a stagnant pool rich in microorganisms. It’s the warm laziness of a scented bath or the cold splashing challenge of white-water rafting.

It can nourish or it can destroy. It can clean or it can leave a layer of muddy sludge. It can be still or rapid, deep or shallow, tranquil or fierce, ephemeral or enduring. We do our best to contain it and train it…and it serves our purpose when we do…but it also becomes unusable if allowed to sit too long.

All in all, it is a very fitting metaphor for the flow of our emotions.

One of the more wonderful gifts of Water, which combines both its cleansing action and its Love is forgiveness. Cleanse the old resentments, fill those spaces up with love, and see how much better you feel. Water is central to the mystery of how life first came to be; the chemicals that first came together into self-replicating forms could not have done so in any medium but water.

Water maps to which colour above?


Fire heals by getting things moving. It can help one overcome the stagnation of apathy, the heaviness of depression, or the distant coldness of intellectualization. It also heals by transforming one form of energy to another.

Fire corresponds to Will, that force within us that keeps us selecting goals and moving toward them, dealing with the obstacles and challenges we find in our path. It’s the spiritual quality of strength of purpose, and it helps us deal with obstacles and challenges. It motivates us and helps us motivate others to work with us for common goals.

One of the magical functions of Fire is protection. It is the energy that sets boundaries and rings alarms when those boundaries are crossed. Many techniques for self-protection involve surrounding oneself with light. That light might absorb any negative energy that comes toward you, or it might trans-form it, burning it in the way of fire to create a neutral energy. The technique that surrounds one with a purple flame, as described in Basics of Personal Energy Management is particularly effective this way.

Fire maps to which colour above?


You cannot embrace your SELF LOVE until you have embraced your TRUE S.E.L.F.

S.E.L.F  your soul enabling life force.

We help you to discover your S.E.L.F the very purpose of your authentic life and compatibility and relationship with self.

Along with True Colours you can Discover your S.E.L.F and see Your Own View on Life.




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