TSM 17-06 United Church Serving Humanity in Vancouver BC

Thier Stroy Matters with Sara troy and her guest Natalie Lanoville, on air from February 7th  serving-humanity-at-the-first-united-church

First United has been committed to the struggle for social justice for over 130 years. Over the decades, thousands of community members, volunteers, and supporters have come through our doors, all contributing towards a shared vision of a more just and kind world.

First United is a place for people of all walks of life to come together in community. Its vitality is made possible through the donations and commitment of individuals and groups. Be a part of this vibrant work by volunteering, organizing an event or drive, or becoming a donor today.


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Our programs are provided in the spirit of hospitality. We make efforts to cultivate a warm and welcoming presence when you walk in the door, from friends you know, volunteers who want to get to know you, and staff who are always there for you.

It is virtually impossible to begin to improve your life when you don’t have a safe and secure place to call home. First United provides support along the housing continuum, from our low barrier shelter to family units to specially equipped housing for people with disabilities.

First United has been engaged in legal advocacy work since the 1970’s, providing much needed legal assistance, advice and representation to low-income and vulnerable people in the Downtown Eastside. Today, we support clients with upwards of 2,800 unique cases every year, helping people resolve a range of issues, including tenancy, social assistance, old age security, immigration and more. We are committed to empowering people to assert their legal rights and make their voices heard.

First United can be described as a “one-stop shop”. We provide a wide range of programs and services that help meet basic needs – like tax returns, hot showers and mail service. All offered in a welcoming, joyful place where everyone can feel at home.

Meals and Hospitality

Good things happen when we gather around the table to break bread with our neighbours. Every week, we serve thousands of meals to any and all people who come seeking sustenance and acceptance. Weekday breakfast, lunch and tea-time are open to the whole community, and residents of our shelter enjoy 3 hearty meals a day, 7 days a week. We also offer special community meals on Fridays, most weekend lunches and holidays.

Community groups and local businesses are invited to sponsor and serve meals for the community. Some of our meal providers have been partnering with us for years: this is a powerful way to connect with and celebrate the vibrant Downtown Eastside community.

Sponsor a Meal Here.


Resource Development Manager

Natalie Lanoville

untitled-design-6Natalie has been employed in non-profit administration for over 30 years, working at The Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Women in View, The Children’s Festival and Kinesis Dance. Experience in the for-profit world includes corporate computer instruction and internet marketing. Her post-secondary education is in performance music, and she toiled as a singer in Vancouver for over 20 years (before coming to her senses).




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