LM 17-08 Under the Piano with Craig Addy

for the LOVE of Music, with Nathen Aswell and his guest Craig Addy, on air from February 21st 


Craig is a member of the Amicus Music Duo, the Quiet hearts Ensemble and the founder and creative director of Under the Piano.

Canadian pianist and composer Craig Addy’s training in music was very traditional. From an early age, he studied classical piano, music theory and history. By his mid-twenties, he had two music degrees: One from the University of British Columbia and one from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. However, during all of those years of disciplined studies, Craig was secretly exploring another world of music……the world of improvisation. Craig’s style of improvisation is a unique blend of classical, new age, and popular. His improvisations are created in the moment with no predetermined harmonies, rhythms or melodies.

Under thePiano

Today, Craig has developed his improvising into a unique experience called Under the Piano. Clients lie underneath Craig’s grand piano. Under the Piano is a Sound Spa for Body, Mind and Soul. For 45 minutes the vibrations of the improvised music envelope and massage the individual or couple under the piano. The experience is most frequently described as calming, relaxing, magical and meditative.


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Amicus Music Duo

Vancouver’s Amicus Music Duo features Craig Addy on the piano and Howard Meadows on the clarinet. Their repertoire includes music from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century eras in addition to a growing list of original compositions, and improvisations. The Amicus Music Duo adapts and arranges much of their music.  Craig and Howard met while studying music at UBC and sang together in the award-winning University Singers. A shared love for vocal and choral music strongly influences their approach to performing and their repertoire selections.

Quiet Hearts Ensemble

Founded in June 2013, Quiet Hearts Ensemble has been providing one of Vancouver’s most exquisite and unique experiences with their Music Oasis series at St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church. Music Oasis is an intimate and relaxing musical occasion that is like a holiday away from everyday pressures. The Quiet Hearts Ensemble improvises, or rather spontaneously composes, beautiful music in one of Vancouver’s most stunning cathedral acoustics. Listeners are transported, moved and inspired by enchanting flavours of music embracing classical, new age, jazz, folk and world styles. It’s romantic. It’s meditative. It’s soothing. Listeners rave that they “can’t believe” these musical journeys are composed on the spot.

Performer’s ARCT, B.Mus. (UBC)


Purple Patches 2005

Soothe 2007

Christmas Improvisation 2008

Quiet Passions 2009

Amicus Music Duo Live: Improvisations 2012

Journeys Under the Piano 2014

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