17-29 Is it time to go home or find a new home?

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from July 18th 

I have been at a loss for some time, I know I love my work interviewing those who are making a global difference in the world, it is my calling my purpose in life, but I have to admit, I am at a loss of who I am in my own life outside of purpose. So I am thinking of going home to England for a while.

I do not know how this is going to happen, but I want to give it a try and see if this is what is calling to me. I have to admit, even though I get to speak to some awesome people daily through my radio shows, I am lonely in my personal life, in fact, I have no life.

I have a couple of wonderful friends who make the effort to see me, others it’s about what I can do for them. But even my friends have full lives and are busy, I am just flapping in the wind here, trying to find a life.

So maybe going home for a while, spending time with my sister and brother will give me some direction. I know they are also looking for new directions and maybe we can do it together. I am not looking at going for long, a few months, but go and see what happens, for even though I have been here in Canada 37 years this month and have my children here, I do not feel at home. It is not  Canada, as this is a wonderful place to live, it is not my children, for they are all living their own lives, it is me trying to find a place in my own life that I feel at home in.

So the seeds are planted, if it is to be it will be, but water it I will, for I must do something outside of work to feel alive before I become too comfortable living in the nowhere land.

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2 thoughts on “17-29 Is it time to go home or find a new home?

  1. Oh, Sara. I know what it’s like to be in this place. Maybe you are being called back to England. And you’re so right, you’ll know when the Universe aligns things for you.
    Sending love your way.

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