How to Go Limitless Beyond Imposed Brexit Borders by Tony Selimi

Truth is, in every awakening moment we are faced with the opportunity to break any perceived limits, to push boundaries, and go outside our comfort zone. But in my recent UN talk I shared how many of us don’t do this.

Brexit brought up in many people the truth on how they truly felt deep down. No matter what side you are on, like it or not you will be impacted both in a positive and in a negative way by #Brexit and every decision you make in your daily life.

But enough about #Brexit, this is article is about you, about how to expand your horizons and be limitless.

According to the Scranton University research, a staggering 92% percent of people that set New Year’s goals never actually achieve them and 98% of People Die without Fulfilling Their Dreams.

That is billions of people who are killing trillions of dreams because of some kind of fear, belief, or injected value that is running their lives.

That was me, twenty-seven years ago. Who would have thought back then that one day the very same teenager who fled the atrocities of a civil war, lived homeless on the streets of London, and worked jobs that many human beings would not touch, would one day be teaching others how to break through their limits on their journey to perfect health, wealth and success.

Having delivered over 35, 000 hours of educating groups, companies and individuals across the world I came to the conclusion that every human being is searching for something higher and that is meaningful. We all have an insatiable appetite to learn and know more. We tend to add to what we know more than defend what we already know.

We have the ability to trust our intuitive understanding and when we learn to listen to our intuition we become determined to get it “right” no matter what the cost. 

Five years ago I created Vital Planning for an Elevated Living Seminar that has become part of my signature High-End Coaching Program. What I realized from teaching over hundreds of people who have done this work is that no matter who the person is or where they come from, they all got uplifted by some vision, higher cause or end (intention). Deep down we know why we do what we do, why we are in business and what results we are looking for.

It is what I help all of my clients do, to get it “right” to serve this innate wisdom and vision, dream, cause or end. I use the principles of the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM®© to awaken their truth that gives them certainty in their cause or chief business aim.

Once this truth is activated, they live as if their cause is aligned with universal truth. They show their cause in their eyes, express their cause in their voice and radiate their cause from their bodies.

Every adversity that hit me taught to break through all of my perceived limits. If you met me in 1993 and told me that one day I would speak globally, help businesses from all market sectors grow and that I would write books that would become best sellers I would say “ get out of my way, you are a dreamer”.

It is this inner thirst for wisdom, to learn how to resolve every problem I was faced with, and how to serve more people that put me on a mission to inspire the lives of one billion people.

As you can imagine, on this journey I faced many personal roadblocks, every business I helped also had some kind of plateau, uncertainty, and performance issues that I helped them resolve.

It is what inspired me to create the TJS Method that I know use to cut right through the root of any problem. It is what I used daily to help people and companies first and foremost acknowledge their perceived limits, boundaries and problems. It is something you may want to use too to help you identify the root cause of the perceived limits that stop your growth.

For now, here is what you can do. Take a pen and paper, your iPad, or laptop and sit down and make a list of all the things you wish to create in your life. Next to it right down as many reasons as you can think of on why you wish to do this. Then write down all the blocks, problems, and the butts you perceive.

Then in the last column write down all of the action steps you can take to help you realize your dream.

What then could possibly guide you? Remember, any limit you may have is there to be your GPRS to your desired destination. If on your own you can’t get to where you want to be, then I always recommend to get yourself a great book, go to a seminar, or even better hire yourself a coach, mentor, or a human behavioural expert to help break through rough your perceived boundaries.

I am a living example of the results that many of my mentors, coaches, healers, and experts have helped me create. The investment in me is what helped me learn many tools that I now use to help others achieve their desired outcomes. It is also what helped me create the TJS Method:ALARM that hundreds of thousands of people have used to create miracles in their own life.

In two weeks’ time I will deliver my key note speech titled “Technological Armageddon: The Wake Up call” at the TEDx Wilmington 6th Annual Conference.

The moment I accepted this opportunity to share with the world my message on why we must wake up now to the potential threats that rapid advancement in technology may create, I realized I had to break another big limiting belief I had in my head about myself. So once again, I hired two coaches Dana Dobson to help me with my speech and Dr Voice – Anthony Wade to help me with my vocals.

So, if your dreams are important to you, then learn to move, take action, and commit to breaking the boundaries that stop you from living your dream.

In your heart you know that the divine spirit within each of us is free from disrespect and harm, above pains and pleasures, doing nothing aimlessly or falsely.

Hope all of the above helps you transcend your limits. Our world needs more champions and I dedicated my life to help you do that. Why wait for them when you have it in you to become one of them? Click HERE to see how two hours conversation with me can put you on track to becoming limitless and breakthrough perceived boundaries that may be holding you back from living in your greatness.

It’s your turn.

Love and Wisdom,

Tony J. Selimi

“Maximizing Human Potential to Explore the “terra incognita” is not a choice, it is our destiny!”

P.S. The line-up of speakers is at this year’s conference is extraordinary, my challenge is to break another limit, deliver what is already promising to be the “wakeup call” humanity is awaiting to hear.

If you can make it on the 16th of August, click HERE to grab your ticket and join me in becoming limitless.