Ecoism Because Normal is Over

 ECO Solutions Community presents 

ECOISM BANNER 4 A New radio series on what we can all do in saving our planetary resources.

Renee Scheltema and Sara Troy bring you a series of shows with environmental and technical people with answers to our global sustainability problem. 

Renee has brought us “Normal is Over” a movie on how our planetary credit card is due for payment and how our buying habits have ALREADY spent our future.

Our Recent Shows Archive…

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Ecoism 17-40 Why Normal is Over with Renee Scheltema - Ecoism because Normal is over with Sara Troy and Renee Scheltema airing from October 3rd.  Renee Scheltema is a documentary filmmaker and producer, a journalist who has dedicated her life to bring us awareness of what is going on in the world that we need to know. I am honoured to bring you our show … Continue reading Ecoism 17-40 Why Normal is Over with Renee Scheltema
ECO Solutions Ted Talks on FOOD WASTE - I came across this Ted talk and wanted to share the message, please take time to hear the Ted talk and start rethinking your buying practices. Tristram Stuart · Author and Activist Tristram Stuart sounds the warning bell on global food waste, calling for us to change the systems whereby large quantities of produce and other foods … Continue reading ECO Solutions Ted Talks on FOOD WASTE

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Sara Troy owner- host of  Self Discovery Media Network

With 5 plus years in interviewing amazing people from around the world, Sara decided to place focus on the organizations and individuals doing wonderful work for their community and this planet. With a series of shows on ECO Solutions and the need to make changes now in order to sustain our selves on this planet; Sara is driven by the wonderful work people are doing in bringing new innovative solutions.

Renee Scheltema, Moviemaker of Normal is Over 

Renée Scheltema is an independent documentary filmmaker, producer, and sustainability expert.
She has worked for Dutch television as a Director, Producer and Camera-person.
She is also a professional photographer.

As a one-woman-crew, it took me 5 years to do the research, filming, producing and editing of this film.

As an investigative journalist, I set out to find out the cause, and symptoms of our environmental issues, while looking for a variety of solutions offering hope.

Normal Is Over The Movie, covers a great many ways humans have inadvertently put our planet in peril. It tackles control of our food production; climate change; species extinction and depletion of critical natural resources.

The film examines how our economic and financial system connects all these issues and offers solutions that could be implemented immediately.