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Normal Is Over (103’ min) is a compelling and visually rich film directed by award-winning and investigative TV-journalist Renée Scheltema. Her film chronicles the way humans have inadvertently imperilled our planet: species extinction, climate change, the depletion of critical natural resources, and industrial control of our food production.

This unique documentary examines how our economic and financial system connects all these issues and offers solutions, which could be implemented immediately, from practical everyday fixes to rethinking the overarching myths of our time.

Renée takes off on a multinational voyage, meeting not only prominent experts, but also everyday citizens who concentrate on matters such as organic agriculture, the banning of plastic, saving species, ecological economics, sustainable architecture, renewable energy, and more.

While this film is intended to challenge viewers on many different levels, it most of all offers hope.

NOW, a host on ECOISM Because Normal is Over with Sara Troy, Renee and Sara will bring you the experts who have answers for our planet.

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Renee Scheltema

As a one-woman-crew, it took me 5 years to do the research, filming, producing and editing of this film.

As an investigative journalist, I set out to find out the cause, and symptoms of our environmental issues, while looking for a variety of solutions offering hope.

Normal Is Over The Movie, covers a great many ways humans have inadvertently put our planet in peril. It tackles control of our food production; climate change; species extinction and depletion of critical natural resources.

The film examines how our economic and financial system connects all these issues and offers solutions which could be implemented immediately.

From practical everyday fixes to rethinking the overarching myths of our time, this film should challenge many of us on every level, while offering hope.

I spent 3,5 years editing the 180-some hours of footage I shot.

Logging it, bringing it down to a long version of 10 hours within 2 years, and then finishing the final version of 2 hours at the end of last year.(2015)

I made a loan and rented out my house to make this feature documentary.

My youngest daughter Elisa Emely (25) dedicated the last 3 years of her life helping me with this process.  She transcribed all the interviews; created all the animations; gave input; constructed my websites. However, just a few days after the film was locked, she tragically passed away in a freak car accident.

I already dedicated the film to a; future generations but I opened up the film and also dedicate its message to her

I have been devastated for over a year.

At the end of 2016, I did a reboot – both mentally and physically.  I had to pick myself up. I still have another beautiful daughter still with me and at the time one grandson, and now a few months old granddaughter. Whom I have hardly seen as I am travelling so much with the film. So at the end of 2016, I recreated the film, made it different, and shorter I made a new trailer and new artwork.  And basically, started all over.

Elisa would have wanted me to bring this film- made with all our positive energy, and humour!- out into the world, and “make this movie into a movement”, as she used to say…

Now some amazing volunteers are busy setting up a  Making Of The Future Foundation, to help spread the word, as I can’t-do this very well.

About 16 volunteers offered to translate Normal Is Over in 8 more languages: in French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, and working on Russian.

For a better planet and as a tribute and memory to her life, we are now fundraising via the website, not only to help spread the word about Normal is Over, and raise awareness, but also with the idea that we need to connect all eco-communities. I also like to make a sequel to Normal Is Over, with more solutions, specifically regarding the new economy we need to create, with one thing in mind first: The planet, and all it creatures, plants, animals, and yes humans

I would kindly ask you to assist me-the planet- to spread the word via your network, blogs, or social media. You’re also very welcome to hold a screening

Many thanks in advance you for your cooperation; working for a better collective future. I can offer you a link for a small fee and sincerely hope that you will enjoy the film!”

Warm wishes


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-Charles Eisenstein, Author, Speaker, Phd Math & Philosophy (US)

-Prof. Bernard Lietaer, Professor International Finance, Club of Rome (Belgium)

-Paul Gilding, Author, Social Activist, Former CEO Greenpeace (Tasmania)

-Dr Ian McCallum, Psychiatrist, Poet, Conservationist (South Africa)

-Prof. Naomi Oreskes, History and Science (US)

-Dr Vandana Shiva, Author, Activist, Pioneer (India

-Prof Michael Braungart, Chemistry (Germany)

-Prof. Michael Mann, Meteorologist (US)

-Prof. Lester Brown, Director World Watch Institute (Washington)

 -Wouter van Dieren, Dutch Representative Club of Rome (Holland)

Ta’Kaiya Blaney, First Nations, Activist, Singer, (Canada)

-And many more ‘Keystone Individuals’ who are already making a difference.

What others say:

The only thing harder than making the changes explored in this film is the future we will face if we don’t make them.” – Betsy Rosenberg, Huffington Post

…”Smart, different and compelling”-Andy Ridley, Former CEO Earth Hour. Managing Director Circle Economy

“… Her documentary is a must for every decision maker of this planet.”

-Prof. Michael Braungart, Co-founder Cradle-2-Cradle.

“A beautiful job, with compelling voices. .BRAVO!”.- Joanna Macy, Author, Buddhist scholar, Environmental Activist.

….” We are speechless. It was moving, emotional and infuriating. I loved every bit of it. I am ready to work with you in any way possible”- Miles, Univ. of California Graduate Student

This independently produced film shows the causes and symptoms and investigates a variety of SOLUTIONS to reverse the global decline. There are many films out there, this one stands above the others for its systems-thinking and solutions approach.”

Elizabeth Ferguson and Jeremy Lent

Renée Scheltema is a Dutch documentary filmmaker and photographer, living in Cape Town. Her latest feature documentary is called Normal Is Over The Movie (2016)

Drs. in Criminology at Leiden University, The Netherlands

M.A. University of California, Berkeley. USA. TV-Journalism & Photo-Journalism.

B.A. at Law, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Renée has worked for Dutch television as a Director, Producer and Camera-person for 35 years. Many of her documentaries were selected at International Film Festivals.

As a photographer, Renée has worked for Magazines and Newspapers in Holland, the US, and South Africa. She was a member of Gamma Liaison in New York, now called Getty Images.