17-45 A New Chapter in a New Book of Life

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from November 7th 

It is an end of life chapter, indeed a whole book comes to a close and a blank page in a new book begins.

For the last 12 years, my life has been a roller coaster and one of self discovery. I have invested in a new electric motor/generator technology, I have supported someone in the belief of their skills, I support and celebrate people’s journeys and I have discovered that I am capable of doing a lot more than I knew I could.

Back in 2005 I was looking to bring electric bicycles in from Taiwan with my then partner Bill, one day while waiting in a coffee shop for a friend, I ran into another coffee buddy called Bill. ( I know 2 Bills) and I showed him my proposal for the bikes.

It was a letter from our company called Give Back Works, where from every bike sold 10% would be donated to the buyer’s choice of charities from our lists. This really caught the attention of Bill McCracken aka Macquis and started a 12-year long journey.

The bicycles were great and could have been a big industry, BUT AS Bill M pointed out, too costly to bring in and impossible to fix, but instead he offered an alternative motor technology theory and I decided to take that journey into proof of concept and all its possibilities with him.

A journey that was to show me many sides of humanity and many sides of myself. Bill showed me what I could be, also what I was not. 11 years of living together as friends, once lovers, partners even enemies from time to time, we now both take our new paths in respect and value of what we gave each other and with blessings on our new paths.

This journey brought me expansion in what I was capable of, and also my limitations, it brought me love for a while and then loneliness, it had great heights and so many lows, it cost me everything and left me dry, but in the end, lead me down an totally new road of meaningful purpose.

Now as I close the book on that journey and as Bill M moves forward on his, I am stepping out and writing a brand-new book with the content from 5.5 years of self-development and Self Discovery Radio development awareness of my calling.

Little did I know five and half years ago, when I was offered this new direction into radio blogging, that it would give me a new purpose but also save my life. Now with 1900 shows and an abundant Orchard of Wisdom at our fingertips, I am expanding with more with books, programs, funding and more hosts.

To really do this justice and give it the fuel it really needs, I am moving to Toronto for a while so I may meet collaborators and partners that will journey with me in the further development of Self Discovery Community and radio. I have my-self taken it as far as I can do it justices, now it needs new blood and infusion of expertise and passion.

People ask why Toronto, why pack up my home and go to Toronto in the middle of winter what’s is there that is not here in BC Canada? I am going with my divine knowingness, a knowing that Toronto is where I need to be right now and the people I need are there ready to meet me.

Yes, it is a risk, yes I am doing it on no funding, yes I have as yet nowhere to live and yes it could all go south, BUT, it also could be amazing and exceed even my expectations and until I try, one will never know.

November 21st I spread my wings and fly to my new life, I get to spend time with my daughter before she goes to New Zealand and I get to know who I am in this new arena.


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Wish me luck and I am open to all introductions there, of authentic people with vision passion and compassion.

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2 thoughts on “17-45 A New Chapter in a New Book of Life

  1. What an incredible journey the two of us have shared. People just don’t believe all the things we have done when I tell them just some of the stories we have shared together. Although this is the end of that journey, it is the beginning of news one that we will both share with each other. I am very proud of you and all that you have accomplished over the last several years, you have become more confident, secure and independent. I know that you have a more promising, enlightening and exciting future awaiting for you to discover.

    Thank you for sharing your life with me and allow me to help you become the person I always believed you could be!!!! Looking forward to our friendship growing heathier, happier and more productive in the many years to come…

    The most important thing that I have discovered along our shared journey is…

    “Quinesence, the journey taken in discovering, embracing and actualizing SELF. The SOUL Enabled LIFE Force that guides one in how to live LIFE with greater purpose, meaning and integrity through serving the betterment of humanity. The SOUL is the Source Of Universal LOVE that when freely shared, creates Limitless Opportunities Virtually Everywhere for us to unite in working together to peacefully transform the world around us into one where everyone can live LIFE with Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality.”

    in gratitude,
    Bill Macquis, founder
    The Living Orchard Corporation

    • Yes, Bill, we have had quite a journey starting from the coffee bar and freeing your divine spirit into believing you are gifted to seeing all you have done along the way. A life lived is living life purpose, and stepping into a purpose that feeds the soul possibilities is what is key to all we need, I wish you well along your way and know there is much more to come from you. I am looking forward to your next venture. I will be following you and look forward to sharing our achievements along the way.

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