Hosting a Mini-Series 

You have something to share, a book, a program, your art, your music,  a particular journey, but you do not want to commit to a full-time show. We have that platform for you, your own Series played over 6 weeks inviting an audience to be entranced by the whole of it.

You will have your own show page featured under the mini-series banner. It will feature you a bio and the series topic along with the audios and links to youtube and personals links.

You are featured here on Self Discovery Radio network and you are heard on SoundCloud…Google Play and with a Video on our Your Tube a Newsletter and many Social media’s. 

This is not a product showcase but shows on inspiration and information.

Prices at $250.00 US a show series of 6 weeks.

Special for May, 8 shows for the price or 6. Must be paid and signed up in may to receive this. 

Details you will need for your series show page.


Show banner graphics for your own show identification.

This is your landing page where people will find all of your shows and about you. Each of your individual shows has its own posting that is on this page.

Your bio and jpeg photo.

A blurb on the series topic. WORD not PDF on all documents, please.

Jpeg picture of a book with the link if you have one, if not whatever you are featuring.

If a program or workshop, details on what it is with jpeg pictures and links.

You can use Zoom, or any other Video audio recorder, all I need from you is the Mp3 for audio and Mp4 for video separately. They must be clearly labelled in order of the series on the audio link and the video link, also on the weekly content blog you will send admin. Please make sure your volume and lighting is set up before you record and is both pleasing to the ear and the eye.

Your Guests.

When interviewing others please get from them.

A Jpeg picture of the individuals involved

A Blurb on the topic at hand. Word Doc, not PDF, please.

A Suggested Topic Title, keep it short and to the point, final say will be at producers discretion.

Their short bio. Word Doc, not PDF, please.

Their website and social media links.

Each shows content must be in by the Wednesday before the next Tuesday airing with full video and audio.

Your show series will be featured under Show Series banner, and each show will play for a week and then go to your show page as an archive.

Please make payment here when you send in your Personal and show series details. 

 For more information and to book the dates, GO HERE