RG 18-41 Reconnect with inner child and get the Smiles back.

Raising OUR GIFTED CHILDREN with Sara Troy and her guests Dewattie Basdeo and Sally Saint, on air from October 9th.

Sara says, ” Smile and the WHOLE world smiles with you, Laughter is the best medicine, but if you cry, you cry alone” A smile begets a smile as does a laugh, but why do tears make us alone when those tears are a cry for help? We must be there for those with tears, and through love and joy, show them how to laugh at life and smile for that is so beautifully contagious.



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Dawattie Basdeo Founder of Holistic World Ltd

Why Are Teens More Depressed Than Ever?

In the US a teen takes their own life every 100 minutes.

In the UK suicide is the biggest killer of young people. With over 200 school children lost to suicide every year.

Experts say Teens feel more hopeless and helpless than previous years. Why might this be?

We need to provide more coping skills on surviving in chaotic times.

How do we nurture self love, respect for life, grow hope not despair? and most of all learn how to laugh at life, ourselves and with each other for that is the healing method. 

dawattie-photoI founded Holistic World with the vision of opening Holistic World centers globally. The mission of the centers being that to provide a modern day sanctuary on the high street for the mind  body and soul. Stemming from my wish to provide inspiration and good well-being for my children and children all over the world I had the idea to write a series of children’s yoga books which children could read and enjoy individually or as an adult.    The aim of the Magnificent Me, Magnificent You series is to highlight to children the many wonderful qualities they have within and also the amazing beauty and power of the natural world.

Each book in the series has an adventure based around a Natural Wonder of the world along with lots of fun activities to inspire mind, body, and soul. My inspiration and ideas for the books have been drawn from my own personal life experiences such as running up Table Mountain, swimming with turtles in the sea, doing fire walks, giving birth to my children plus lots more.


UK Therapist and the founder of Conscious Parenting Sally Saint. 

Sally says.” Going with inner child, informing how children support us in accessing this magical energy and inviting us to do inner child work, yes to heal but also to have fun.
Children smile on average 400 times a day, adults 30’to 40. What happened in between, disconnection from inner joy/inner child by hurts, experiences,pain.
Reconnect with inner child and get the smiles back.”

“Do not close your eyes and ears if you are not a parent, for the deepest parenting journey is of self.” (Sally Saint) Sally Saint is a UK-based therapist, energy healer, artist, and the founder of Conscious Parenting, serving as a support worker for families whose children have learning difficulties and behavioural challenges.
Sally’s life has taken her down many paths and has seen her walk through challenging terrain, but it was the creation and birth of her son Edward, that gave her the key to unlocking the door of transformation in a deep and profound way. The qualification, the spiritual work, the books she read, all slotted into place when her journey of motherhood began to unfold. Now, with her passion and expertise, she connects with others across the planet, to offer the wisdom she has unlocked on her own epic journey.
Sally has over 16 years of experience in working with energy to facilitate healing for clients around the world, being a trained Reiki practitioner, reflexologist, and massage therapist, having a natural ability to read the energy of another (in person or via distance), then to actively work with the person’s energy to release any blockages and facilitate expansion. Her artwork, a constant friend and companion since childhood, is another example of how she is able to directly connect with her clients in a very deep and meaningful way to facilitate healing and release.



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