WJ19-08 Achieving Optimum Health as we AGE

The Wellness Journey Podcast Series presents ‘Spice of Life: A Seasoned Woman’s Guide to Renewing her Essence’ with Lynnis Woods Mullins and guest Peggy Weekes.

The Wellness Journey Podcast Series presents ‘Spice of Life: A Seasoned Woman’s Guide to Renewing her Essence’. Many times it is presumed that once you reach your 40s, 50s, and 60s, there is no room for growth, no purpose to heal and no time to start on a new path. This is simply untrue! Whether it is New Year’s Eve or a Thursday morning in February, there is no time like the present to start working on a new you. Spice of life is all about how you can add new flavor to your life through wellness. With experts in the field of wellness, this journey will assist the woman who believes that it’s never too late to spice things up. Spice of life will add the missing flavor to your Wellness Journey so that you can discover all there is to celebrate while embarking on the bath of your rebirth in middle age.



Today’s guest is Peggy Weekes. Peggy Weekes is an Optimal Health Consultant and Coach, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, and the Author of A Mix of Two World: Nature’s Best From the East and the West for Optimum Health. Her book is aimed to help others as well as herself on the journey of achieving optimum health through a variety of natural means. Peggy has also helped many achieve breakthrough results in their health journey. In several events, she has showcased her in-depth knowledge of natural health solutions and provided exclusive coaching on the importance of natural health alternatives.

Peggy’s key motivation is that she wants everyone to take a deep interest in their personal health before there is actually a problem. She is in pain when she sees and hears people not taking care of themselves and treating themselves as the number one priority. She believes that small changes can go a long way.

You can sign up on her website. peggyweekes.com to get a free on-on-on 20 minute online consultation session which can be done using What’s App or Skype.





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