Let the Light from the darkness show you the way

Having been a person of ill health depression and loss most of my life, I know from my own experience that staying in a vibrational spirituality is the only thing that will get you through. When despair knocks at your door and you feel all is lost, the belief that you will make it through even though you do not know how keeps you moving forward inch by inch.

We cannot ask why me, we cannot state that our world of pain is more than anyone else’s; we have to go into faith and be open to the journey for we are here for a reason.
When you can overcome the deep dark depths of despair and start to see the light, you have to keep that light burning bright, as it will guide you on where you will find that peace, that reason that trust in life again. Everything that is given to us is for a reason but sometimes that reason is just to make us stronger, to believe deeper to trust more and to live in our divine spirituality in that pure belief, for there is the truth the purpose and the purity of the divine truth.


Sara Troy