T19-011 Loving Earth and all its inhabitants with Elizabeth Cain

Transformations with Dianne Shaver and her guest Elizabeth Cain, on air March 12th 
on Transforamtions with Dianne Shaver
Remember our connection to the Earth – beyond recycling.  Seeing through the cultural myth of how we should live and living in a way that gives us more time, peace, connection to one another, consciousness.  I invited Elizabeth Cain to be a guest on  Transformations when she gave a talk at Unity that electrified, energized and shook me and many others up.  Her clarity, passion and dynamism are something she is using to make changes in how we related to the Earth and one another. She is instituting things like a composting site where members of Unity, its neighborhood and other churches can bring waste food, etc. and turn it into compost for gardeners to use and running classed on how to make things that will be substitutes for the plastics in our landfills.
The quest to be more loving and caring of the Earth and all its inhabitants. Elizabeth Cain is on the staff of Unity Church of North Charleston, SC and her role is Ministry Coordinator.  But a description should also read, powerful, speaker, knowledgeable, informed, dynamic person, concerned human being and an instrument of change for a better world.




To give you a bit of background on Elizabeth:
Elizabeth Cain holds a BA in Psychology and an Masters in Social Work from the University of NC Chapel Hill. She has mainly worked in nonprofit services to families and children. When she became a mother she entered the world of Montessori Education and holds a national certification in Primary instruction. She provided statewide educational opportunities in teacher continuing education. Lastly she is a certified Licensed Unity Teacher and is the assistant to the minister at Unity of Charleston. In this role she is leading the  the church and individuals on the quest to be more loving and caring of the Earth and all its inhabitants.


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