WJ19-25 How to Rekindle Focus and Motivation in Mid-Life

In this segment of “Loving the Natural You” on The Wellness show, Lynnis Woods Mullins and Dr. Renée Galloway talk about how to rekindle your focus and motivation in mid-life.  ON AIR JUNE 18TH

 Often in life we get distracted from our passion or lose our motivation, Dr. Renee provides ways for us to get ourselves “un-stuck” and knock down our mental barriers in order to get reconnected to our motivation. Some tactics that Lynnis and Renee discuss are setting priorities, developing the ability to say “no”, staying focused, and putting yourself first.

JOIN LYYNNIS AND RENEE HERE ON Rekindle Focus and Motivation in Mid-Life


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For Dr. Renee Galloway, what started out as informal coaching and consulting over 20 years ago, soon grew into something way bigger than she ever anticipated. Her proven success strategies of goal setting, time management, and action plans have catapulted individuals, as well as small business owners to new levels of success. Renee’s mission is crystal clear: to empower others to live their very best life, and achieve personal and professional success—one strategic initiative at a time. Dr. Renee Galloway’s underlying motivation for being a coach is her passion to help others birth their dreams and goals by taking the three-step approach outlined in her book Done! Prioritize, Plan and Perform to Accomplish Your Goals. Her call to action is that everyone should have actionable goals and not allow everyday life to take in the direction we’d rather not travel.

At a treat to the public, Dr. Renee Galloway is giving away a free download of the first chapter of her book Done! Prioritize, Plan and Perform To Accomplish Your Goals.


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