WJ19-28 Mind, Body, and Smile – A Holistic Approach To Dentistry

 In this segment of “The Wellness Journey Podcast Series – Loving The Natural You”,  Lynnis Woods Mullins and Dr. Susan Stukes discuss the importance and difficulties concerning dental health from a holistic standpoint. As we continue our journey through mid-life it is imperative that we address our dental health as well.   Many do not realize that tooth decay can lead to many health issues including heart disease.   While addressing dental health may not always be our favorite thing to do it is imperative that it be part of our self-care and self-love routine.  Acknowledging this, Lynnis and Dr. Stukes visit the ideas of “embarrassment”, “fear factor”, and “waiting too long”, when it comes to neglecting dental health.  Dr. Stukes shares with us different things we can do to increase our dental health and also shares how dental health is an important part of the many facets of our overall wellness.



Smile confidently with Dr Susan Stukes

Dr. Susan Stukes is a dental professional dedicated to providing dental services to people domestically and internationally. She is also a team leader with a proven ability to build and coordinate strong networks of people who are committed to improving access to care for those in need. She believes oral health is integral to overall wellness.  

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