Raising money for Charities, what you need to know

GIVING BACK, Paying it forward, Supporting those in need, this is what Non-Profit means. However, raising money for such courses has been a challenge for over 40 years and needs to change now.

Don’t confuse Morality over Frugality.

It is ok to make money to give away, it is ok to take a salary to support this organization, it is ok to have overheads, it is ok to advertise to raise funds. The more you generate the more you support.

So let us look at what the obstacles are, poisonous, stigma against taking salaries, promoting, having an overhead, the need to sacrifice. When you make money you have more to give away, you can employ more people to expand the non-profit and reach more people, so much more can be achieved.

Please take a listen to this insightful info on raising money for our courses and changing our collective mindset.

Coming soon Discovering Communities Organization and our Non-Profit Fund-Action program.