20-17 Let our common sense rule

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy. on air from April 21st.

We are asked to use our common sense right now, do not go out unless you have to, keep your distance when you do, wash your hands and surfaces and keep positive along the way.

I know some are having a hard time of this, being trapped inside, not making money, feeling alone, unsure of what is coming next. There is more to come, there will be a food shortage, we do not have the pickers our in the fields, we are not importing from other countries, our suppliers cannot keep up with panic buying, so we have to adjust and let our sensibility rule.

There is so much we can do to combat our feeling of isolation. We can reach out to others through our devices, we can call people, we can participate in games and conversations via zoom, we can be of serves to one another in ways we have not yet thought of.

So be proactive, get outside and get fresh air, breathe to release, and allow the feeling of dread leave you and inhale belief in this too will pass. Find someone to help, something you can contribute to, because that will make you feel good and who is on the receiving end.

Be mindful, keep your distance, wash those hands and surfaces, be respectful of others, and use this time to reflect on what you will change in your life once we are allowed to resume life.

You are not alone, and if you know someone alone, reach out to them, a little caring and kindness can go a very long way.

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