The Independence of Harry and Megan

I know there will be Megan and Harry bashers out there, for there are people who love to hate instead of embrace. I for one celebrate their courage to go it alone and speak their truth, for not living a life in someone else’s control which is wrong in every way.

Opening up to Oprah in honesty, speaking without filtration, and showing us their love for each other, was liberating for all who chose to see their courage and strength. When we saw them marry it was a fairy tale wedding, but it was not for them but for the people. I did a show on Sara’s Royal wedding perspective We all bought into the fairytale dream, for we all hope for that romance and a happy ending. But, as we see it was not meant to be, the nastiness of the tabloids who chose not to like Megan, got ugly and darn right disgusting, and yet no one stood up for her, no one stopped it.

Depression by suppression and dictation is in my mind criminal, and the need to keep up a facade of perfectness is a joke. No one is perfect, and the more you try to paint that picture, the more it will debilitate, and to do it at someone else’s cost is demeaning and damaging.

On my shows we speak to embracing your own uniqueness and beautiful gift, for that is what makes you the imperfectly perfect you. Living up to an expectation of an institution or religion, or status in society is a lie and one that will at some point break and readjust you into the right direction if you let it.

Megan and Harry’s courage and love for each other, has led them to a point where they stood up for themselves and said “Stop, No More”, I can not be a mindless puppet any more. THIS KIND OF STRENGTH TO WALK AWAY FROM THE FAME GAME, MONEY AND PRESIGUE IS HUGE, BUT SELF LOVE AND CARE IS MORE IMPORTANT.

I did a show a while back on “Leave Megan and Harry alone”, where I celebrated their choice to walk away and live their lives on their terms. Now knowing the hell they have been through and the depression they battled, I am even more proud of them for placing value upon their lives. It is a true example to us all.

I am not Royal Family bashing, I have loved the Royal family and a big fan of Diane, sadly we have all seen how dysfunctional the facade of their lives has cost them, but their duty to their country and people has always outweighed the pain, or has it? Do we know what is going on behind closed doors? do we know what it has cost them to be these instruments of Great Britain? In their duty to the people, they have knowingly or unknowingly sacrificed themselves for duty. Why do they have to? why can they not be just like us and be themselves who are in service to the people of Britain?

Being in service from a truly authentic place of love and caring is where the true strength lays, and kindness to one’s self and others is our greatest strength. No one wants to know people are suffering to serve us, we want it to be something they love to do, and not have to because they were born into an illusion of how it should be.

Megan and Harry have both dedicated their lives to empowering others and in support of those suffering from depression. It is not a luxury to be depressed, it is crippling and cost lives daily, all because we have given it a stigma and a shame to it. I suffer from depression, I know the rabbit holes we go down, no one should have to navigate this alone. Good for them for being there for others going through it, bless them.

I hope their example liberates others, and also shows the institution that they way they treat the Royal family will always backfire one them , for they are not puppets.


By Sara Troy

Self Discovery Media