QS21-18 Mark Boldizar’s Unleash Your Future

Quantum Spirituality with Sara Troy and her guest Mark Boldizar, on air from May 4th

How to transform your dreams into reality through the Law of Attraction using a simple, yet powerful 5 step formula. Learn how the Law of Attraction really works and how to really make it work for you.

My Work: I teach people how the Law of Attraction really works and how just like me, they can use it to create the success of their dreams. My new book launching on April 30, 2021 is Unleash Your Future, The Powerful 5 Step Formula to Transform Your Dreams into Reality Through The Law of Attraction.

Mark has always been a highly inquisitive person with an endless thirst for understanding how things work and why they work that way. He excelled in high school in all subjects, but his passion was for the sciences. He finished his high school years with numerous awards and entered Saint Francis University in Loretto, PA where he also received numerous awards before graduating summa cum laude with a degree in chemistry. After completing his education, he took his strong intellectual curiosity into the corporate world as a scientist.

Mark’s corporate career spanned three decades, included multiple global corporations and projects in North America, Europe and Asia. He worked his way up the corporate ladder from a basic research scientist to high-level positions that included Plant Manager of a manufacturing facility with over 150 people in his organization and a corporate Quality and Technical Support General Manager responsible for the quality and productivity improvement of 10 plants located around the globe. This sounds like a success story, but Mark found himself unhappy and unfulfilled.

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Mark became passionate about using science to study and experiment with the Law of Attraction (LOA) after watching The Secret. Mark’s focus on LOA has not only led him to manifest significantly new levels of success in his own life, he also developed an innovative and simple system that anyone can understand and learn to utilize to create the success they desire. Mark understands the frustrations that are encountered when attempting to manifest new experiences with LOA without a clear understanding of how it actually works.

Mark’s systematic approach to intentionally programming The Law provides the fundamental explanation that will help everyone understand why LOA has sometimes worked and sometimes not worked for them in the past. But most importantly, this new approach teaches you the critical components required to manifest success in a way that is significantly easier to understand and, therefore, easier to apply in your life. Mark is a gifted and engaging teacher committed to sharing his experience and understanding of manifesting with LOA so that you can become the empowered creator of the life of you desire just as you are intended to be.





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