21-21 Hearing and Doing?

Sara’s View of life with Sara Troy, on air from May 25th

It has all been said before, but has it all been done?

With over 2 million podcasts, Ted talks and enlightened media like Oprah, you can say it has all been said before in one way or another. We have motivational speakers, Gurus, HOW TO PEOPLE AND WHY TO, WE HAVE SO MANY IDEAS AND SKILLS BEING SHARED WITH US FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVE WALKED THE WALK, NOT JUST TALKED THE TALK, AND THEY ARE CAN BE FUND ON LINE SOMEWHERE.

So please pray tell, why are we still adamant on going in the wrong direction?

I have had the honour of interviewing so many of these inspirers, who because of their own battles are now guiding and helping others on their journey of life. We hear them and see their courage, their strength and what abilities they have learnt and in applying to their life it has made them abundant within their soul, heart, spirit and mind, healing their body.

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We are uplifted by such stories, we hear them, feel them and in so many cases it drives us forward into our own action to make our own lives more meaningful. We use their tools and skills and go deep within our selves to heal our inner soul and heart and so very often our inner child. It can be scary, and we can even get stuck at times, but please do not stay stuck, find someone else who inspires the shift you need to move forward, for life is about flow, always moving forward while living and loving the gift of the present.


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