MH21-41 Dr. Joseph J. Trunzo. Long Haul COVID: A Survivor’s Guide.

Mental Health Awareness with Sara Troy and her guest Dr Joseph J. Trunzo, on air from October 12th

Long Haul COVID: A Survivor’s Guide: Transform Your Pain & Find Your Way Forward
 By Dr. Joseph J. Trunzo
and Julie Luongo

As the long term ramifications of being infected with COVID are continuing to be discovered and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) begins research on thousands of “Long Haul” patients, the new book Long Haul COVID: A Survivor’s Guide: Transform Your Pain & Find Your Way Forward  by Dr. Joseph Trunzo and Julie Luongo offers individuals some early insights into Long COVID and ways for people who are experiencing post-COVID effects to be able to move forward and look ahead.

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“This is a much-needed study that provides resources for understanding the complex symptoms of Long Haul COVID. I am particularly happy to see the study undertake the often-overlooked behavioral health aspects of poorly understood medical conditions. We need medical, psychiatric, and psychological interventions to bring relief to those suffering from Long Haul COVID and this study is the first step toward that outcome” says Dr. Trunzo
Whether you’re struggling with long haul illness, grief, fear, or any of the countless ways the COVID-19 pandemic has upended lives across the globe, the bottom line is that you’re suffering. What if there was a way—supported by clinical evidence—to transform your experience and move forward?

Grounded in behavioral science, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) offers powerful tools to help you stop struggling and start doing what matters the most to you.

With ACT you can improve the quality of your life right now, during illness and turmoil. Step-by-step, you will learn how to shift your perspective, get clear on your values, and act even when the path is unclear. This book will give you a compass that will guide you, day by day, through your pain and into the meaningful moments of your life.

The medical, psychological, and societal impacts of COVID-19 and long-haul illness have been devastating. But you are not alone. Even if you consider your circumstances dire, this book can help you live a rich, vital existence.

Of the NIH study, co-author Julie Luongo says “I would urge anyone suffering from long haul COVID to go to the NIH website and sign up for their study. I can’t overstate the importance of doing something meaningful like this, particularly when you’re feeling frustrated by your own condition. It’s a unique opportunity to be a part of the solution, to participate in advancing the science around COVID, and to really help people who find themselves in your situation down the road.”

 Dr. Joseph J. Trunzo is Professor of Psychology and Department Chair at Bryant University in Rhode Island, USA. He also serves as the Deputy Director of Bryant University’s Center for Health & Behavioral Sciences. His research and clinical work focus on treating anxiety and mood disorders, especially in those suffering from Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses.


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