ECO21-47 HOW TO REDUCE WASTE. Stephanie Miller.

 ECO Solutions with Sara Troy and her guest Stephanie Miller, on air from November 22nd

Five “Key” tips towards keeping the amount of waste down during Thanksgiving
What is the 80-20 rule to avoid plastic and food waste?
What are easy and affordable things we can all do now to help our planet?
How can we recycle better?
How do festivities like Thanksgiving offer us the opportunity to deal with food waste? 

Having spent my career looking for solutions to climate challenges at a macro level, I began to question what could be done at the individual level.  I wondered how I could have more of an impact, or perhaps less of an impact (!) by reducing my personal carbon and waste footprint. The questions I began to look at were: What can we– as individuals– do to reverse the current climate and waste crises? Could individual actions have a ripple effect that could lead to systemic change? If so, how could busy people make the necessary changes? 

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This led to my own personal experiment to see how I could create a zero waste lifestyle. I researched exhaustively, talked with prominent waste and plastics specialists, visited recycling facilities in my region, presented ideas and recommendations in my local community, and began advising others on how they could implement simple but important changes.

What I concluded from my research and my engagement in the community is that you don’t have to do everything under the sun to make a huge difference. My journey led me to the simplicity of the 80/20 rule.  By focusing on those things (the 20%) that can make the biggest (80%) difference, every individual can make a real and sustainable impact. And I’m convinced that, collectively—through our daily actions and consumer choices—we can create cleaner air, cleaner oceans and mitigate climate change.

Author of Zero Waste Living, The 80/20 Way: The Busy Person’s Guide To A Lighter FootprintStephanie J. Miller, has been a key changemaker in the fight to reclaim our own ability to help cut down on waste. In her book, she provides the average busy person tips on lowering the amount of plastic garbage in our lives.

Stephanie believes we all can make a few relatively easy lifestyle changes and create a significant positive impact by using the simplicity of the 80/20 rule, which she follows personally. She has done a lot of research to understand what actions would make the most significant difference and be easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle and settled on three areas that she calls the Magic Threefood, plastics, and recycling. Stephanie tries to help busy people get to 80% zero waste with minimal effort through her book.


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