QS22-07 Permelia Parham, Reactive to Proactive Society

Quantum Spirituality with Sara Troy and her guest Permelia Parham, on air from February 15th

We all have an Energy Field (aura) with energy moving through and around us with specific vibrations. Each person has different vibrations that can become blocked through negative thoughts, words, feelings and actions. If these blocks are not removed, they will eventually manifest as disharmony in our physical bodies. Vibrational Healing occurs when our physical energy and our soul energy are in balance.

My “why” is to create and support a proactive wellness society. We have been a reactive illness society for too long. I am in the process of designing an International Wellness Corporation called The Healing Institute Inc. which includes holistic practitioners and information on holistic wellness practices. 

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Permelia Parham has studied and taught energy and emotional healing for over 20 years.  She is a Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner. For 4 years, Permelia has offered emotional healing sessions to release unprocessed negative emotions from the subconscious. Permelia has had great success working with adults, children, and animals by releasing these unprocessed negative emotions for better health. Through her company, Vibrational Healing, Permelia also provides individual consultations by teaching strategies on how to realign limiting beliefs, heal past lifetime energy, and balance chakras which in turn expands self-awareness and empowers her clients to make positive and successful life changes. 

What is the Body Code?  It is an energy healing technique that assists in identifying imbalances and disconnections in the body ~ including Trapped Emotions.

What are Trapped Emotions?  Trapped Emotions are unprocessed negative emotions that get trapped in our body due to stress, illness or an emotional event.

Why it is important to have a Body Code? Releasing imbalances, disconnections and trapped emotions provides better health, increased joy and happiness and greater success in all areas of life.

Permelia lives and works in Parksville, BC on Vancouver Island.

My give-away is a 20 minute complimentary Body Code information session. 

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