Listen once, Not war.

Listen once, Not war. Stop fighting, hate. Rather let’s smile at this distance, which remains your rocky range and mine in the water crashing on you like waves of joy. See what we are: This water of the Ganges, and the Amazon, rising through me, the forests on the shore embroidered by the banana plants, the aloe Vera that grows on the wood to your heart, the engrossing you all over me, the twilight moment of misty moonlit, all are us inch by inch pulled towards each other. Within everything, you, and me: The blue and white of the autumn sky The deep green shade of wildflowers, bushes, The creek, extended arms of everything around waiting in peace, as you ride my tide, bring monsoon and spring, caress with tender madness of stroke, crying for more of you, as you dig deep, the fountain of kisses covers me.

But this may not be the case.

Little by little in battle, we tear each other to pieces, Instead of nectar, drink water that has turned blood, When we keep looking for someone to save us from this nightmare, we gave birth to, see: You, the iron-mold canon, I, the woman with raptured womb came out a foetus, bathed in semen and blood, legs spread, eyes gauged out, breast sliced, in the no man’s land!

When there are the atomic bombs, instead of the heart, where a thousand kisses are traced through bullet rain, missiles replace us, germs rot our clouds of dust, How do we know once we were alive? Rained flowers on each other? Let the seeds grow into trees, and dug happiness from mother earth? How will you know, from dust to dust, from blood to blood, from particles to particles, that crazy wind, breaking itself on the rocks of the Mountain, is me, in search of you?

By Dr. Anon