LM22-19 Jon Landers Big Apple Indie Music

“for the LOVE of Music” with Sara Troy and her guest Jon Landers, on air from May 10th

Music kept me from checking out from life back in 1999 after going through a divorce from a 29-year marriage. In the three years following my divorce, my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer, my dad tried to commit suicide as a result of my mom’s health and my brother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. If I hadn’t walked into Circuit City and seen a keyboard and hit the demo key that played the theme to the James Bond movies, I would not be here today to talk about it. I simply purchased the keyboard, labeled the keys, and used the built-in loops to create my own music and lyrics.

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I started as a stock transfer agent for what was then called The First National Bank of Boston back in 1969. I then went to work for my dad in his import-export business which led me to become the National Sales Manager for a British company and went on to help a German horticultural company to get established in the North American market. I then became a manufacturer’s rep for the lawn & garden and hardware industry being one of the first agencies to sell and service The Home Depots and big box home centers covering a territory from Maine to Virginia. I burned out in 1999 when I went through my divorce and switched to becoming a self-taught graphic designer purchasing a graphic design company, in 2001 that led me to move into the music industry in 2012 and started The Big Apple Indie Music Series aka TBAIMS to support independent music artists by providing a venue(s) for them to perform live in front of music, entertainment, TV and film industry executives including A&Rs. I studied networking prior to starting TBAIMS where I was attending an average of 4 networking events a week in the NY, CT, NJ markets.  I also researched social media and found myself on most of the social media websites early on. I am in the top 11% of LinkedIn users and if you Google my name, I’m usually on page one with my profiles showing. 


Spotify playlist from most of the artists that performed for TBAIMS when in NYC:











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